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How to Participate in the Regen Network Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Osmosis

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Regen Network
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The Regen Network liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) is now underway on Osmosis and we are excited to witness the price discovery and broader token distribution discussed in our most recent post. Over the next 5 days, between June 23 and June 28, you will be able to participate in price discovery!


In order to participate in the LBP on the Osmosis app, follow the steps outlined below. Osmosis requires that you have Keplr wallet installed, if you do not have the Keplr wallet extension installed follow these instructions.

Logging in to Osmosis

Osmosis makes it easy to login by not requiring a username, simply make sure you are logged in to Keplr and interacting with your Cosmos wallet.

Osmosis App

On the left side of your screen you will see a menu which lists all of the awesome things you can do inside of the Osmosis app. For the purposes of this tutorial we will focus on Trade, LBP, Pools and Assets!


As the name suggests, this menu item will direct you to a page where you can perform trades (swaps) between the various currencies available on Osmosis.


On the Pools page you can perform liquidity provision and view the different pools you are part of.

During the Regen LBP our trading pair will be ATOM:REGEN.


Here you can see all of the Assets which you own on the Osmosis chain. You can also make deposits and perform withdrawals using IBC. Please note: During the Regen LBP deposits will be disabled!

How to Participate in Price Discovery

Deposit ATOMs

First, visit the Assets page and make an ATOM deposit. In the list of currencies, find Cosmos Hub — ATOM and click the Deposit link. If this is your first time depositing to Osmosis you will need to connect your Keplr wallet.

Press the Connect Wallet button and wait for the Keplr wallet extension to open. Once it opens you will be asked to connect it to Osmosis and approve the request.

You now have Keplr connected to Osmosis! If done correctly you will be able to see your wallet address on the left and the Osmosis address on the right of the popup. Underneath the addresses is where you will perform the deposit.

Enter the amount of ATOMs you would like to deposit or click MAX to deposit your entire wallet balance then click Deposit. After some time you will want to refresh the Assets page to view your updated balance.

Swap your ATOMs for REGEN

Now that you have ATOM deposited into Osmosis you can head to the Pools page by clicking Pools in the menu. Once the Pools page has loaded scroll down, find Regen and click. Alternatively you can click on LBP in the menu and click on the Regen Pool.

After clicking on Regen you will be taken to the Regen Pool. Here you will see the current price of Regen and the pool weight among other details. Locate Swap Tokens and click the button!

After clicking on the Swap Tokens button you will be able to trade ATOM for REGEN. Simply type in the amount of Atoms you would like to swap or click MAX to swap your entire balance. The amount of REGEN will be filled in automatically for you, now just click Swap! Your Keplr wallet will open up and you will be asked to approve the transaction.
NOTE: Due to volatility, your transaction may fail. If this happens just refresh the page and try again.

Providing Liquidity (Coming Soon)

This LBP is meant for price discovery and you will not be able to provide liquidity in this pool. However, after the 28th there will be a 50/50 pool available for the rest of the community to provide liquidity. At that point, you will want to visit the Pools page and click the Add/Remove Liquidity button. In the popup window you will be able to type in the amount of ATOMS you would like to provision, the REGEN amount will be filled in automatically for you. Then click Add Liquidity and approve the transaction in the Keplr wallet.

🚀 Way to go, Regenerate! You should be all set. Stay updated on the latest news from the Regen Network.

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Regen Network

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