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Many of us are stuck in lives in some aspect or the other. Sometimes we can’t make progress in what we’re trying to achieve and sometimes we don’t feel fulfilled with what we’re doing.

And the one thing that I did to get out of those feelings was AUDIT MY INNER CIRCLE.

I firmly believe that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most of our time with.

If you are working hard on something and you have your buddies who are chilling all day, roaming here and there and partying; then eventually you may also be ‘forced’ by your friends to go out with them. Plus even when you’re working you may not enjoy it thinking about your friends who are enjoying their lives.

I always see people who are hanging out with people who are not truly their friends, doing things they don’t want to, to impress others, to be a part of the group, to be accepted in some or the other manner.

This affects everything we do. The way we react, the way we think, the way we perform both in our professional as well as personal life, the way we spend our time and money, the way we take risks, the way we set goals and what not. Whatever we achieve or lose in life is closely related to the type of friends we have.

They basically dictate how you live. Imagine this:

You are going through a very good day so far, your productivity is high, your tasks are complete, you can leave the office early and then go on a date with the love of your life. It’s noon and you are excited for the rest of the day. BUT THEN your negative friend calls you and then he tells about how he lost his TV remote and now he’ll not be able to see the NBA(and all the trivial shit) and then he goes on and on and you end up getting late to work and then your tasks pile up and all of a sudden you have to cancel your dinner and the “Perfect Day” gets ruined

This, my friends may seem far fetched but I have been in situations similar to this and I know how frustrating it gets.

The same thing has a positive side too. If you are going through a bad day, a call from your positive and optimistic friend can change the course of your day completely and turn your bad mood into a good one.

I have mentioned this in my previous articles and I thought that this was important enough to be said once again.

You can do only so much with the people you hang out with.

Your mindset and your circle of influence needs to match your ambition — Tweet This


5:29 : Wake up

5:37 : Work

6:45 : Bath

7:00 : Work

7:10 : Leave for class

12:30 : Back from class

12:50 : Work

1:00 : Lunch

1:11 : Work

2:55 : Gym

4:03 : Back from the gym

4:20 : Work

5:20 : Leave for a friend’s birthday party

7:00 : Back from the party(I’ll talk about it below)

7:10 : Work

8:40 to 8:54 : Call

9:15 : Dinner

9:45 : Plan

10:15 : Sleep

Honestly speaking guys my life is not the life of a person many people would like to read about. I do not do much exciting stuff during my day.

I am just focussed on doing stuff that I like and most of the work comprises of sitting in a room and just changing places from the bed to the floor to the desk to the couch or to another room and so on.

My laptop is my best friend and god knows what will happen without it.

Coming to the birthday party that I went to for about 1.5 hours, I could have missed it but it was an obligation for me to go there. Sitting there with friends that are completely different from me was not good.

When the conversation is not something about I like to talk about, I remain quiet. Also, they were eating all kind of unhealthy stuff; from oreo shakes to cakes to fried potato sticks to cheese to cold drinks and the list goes on.

That to me was bad company; that would have forced me to eat things which would have harmed my progress. But thanks to my willpower, I didn’t eat any of it. I came back and ate an apple along with a glass of milk and some almonds.

That’s me! You maybe different, DO YOU!

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