Hey Re-inventors!


Today I’m going to talk to you about believing in what you’re selling

I am no sales expert. I wanted to clear this out to avoid any confusion.

Now, why on earth am I talking about this topic when I am not an expert in selling.

This is because, I was recently offered an opportunity to be a network marketer with a newly established company with some traction. I am not going to declare the name but I can tell you about the product of the company.

The company had a package of products and services to offer. It comprised of E-education, Fashion and Cosmetics, and Tourism. What they have done is make a package wherein they offer a combination of all the services to college students specifically. For example online lessons in E-education, clothes, belts, ties etc. in Fashion and Cosmetics and a trip to a specific destination in Tourism.

Although yes, the package was really cheap and definitely the cheapest in the market.

So why did I not want to sell and become a network marketer?

It was more about money and less about experience and exposure

Often times people think that all the people are driven by MONEY. Yes, it may be true for some people but definitely not true for me. I went there to gain some value and experience and learn something valuable.

BUT, the main highlight in their presentation was MONEY. They told me about how people started at age 19 and in one or two years, they earned enough to buy their own cars. They told me that if I fulfill my target, I can get a free trip to Dubai or Hong Kong or anywhere else.

But nobody talked about the benefits of the product and how valuable it is for the people. I asked myself a simple question, “Will I buy his package?” and the answer was NO.

It may be YES for some people and that’s great. However it’s just not the way I roll.

I did not believe in the package

The package sounded lucrative but obviously there are quality concerns. Going for a trip is not a small deal and one wouldn’t go until they are fully assured that everything was taken care of.

Also, I did not believe that except a small percentage, people of my age will be buying this package and thus I could see the struggle of convincing people to buy the package that even I don’t think they would want.

There were other reasons too but these were the main reasons why I decided to not go for it

Coming on to my day,

5:29 : Wake up
5:35 : Work
8:00 to 8:20 : Breakfast
8:20 : Work
9:23 : Spend time with grandma
9:50 : Call
10:05 : Take a bath
10:20 : Work
11:10 : Have a meal
11:20 : Get ready for a conference
11:33 : Leave for conference
11:40 : Work during commute
12:15 : Reach
4:35 : Come back
4:45 : Tidy room
5:15 : Work
6:30 : Read news
7:30 to 7:40 : Eat oatmeal
8:12 to 8:30 : Photocopy some documents
9:05 : Dinner
9:30 : Time with fam

As I analyze my day I am starting to think that there is nothing sexy and entertaining about my day. What I am doing is probably not the best way to gain followers and nor do I write amazing content. I am just producing content everyday and honing my craft. I write because this is the medium I feel more comfortable with.

I write selfishly. I write to have a record of things that I am feeling so that it does not get lost in history. So my writing will never be predicated upon the fact that I have less followers or less recommends than other people.

But if in this process, I can influence even one person, I’ll be grateful and that would mean the world to me!

This was DAY 19 and I will see you tomorrow!

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