DAY 7 : An Ecstatic Epoch

OK, maybe too fancy!

Hey Re-inventors!

This is DAY 7 of the series. We’re one week through this. But as I mentioned earlier, it’s a lifetime series.

You have to work hard for a LIFETIME, you have to chase your goals for a LIFETIME and you have to keep doing the hard things to grow yourself for a LIFETIME.

Working hard to improve yourself, your life and your work is more like a marathon than a sprint — Tweet this

If you missed the introduction post of this series, here you have it;



I named the post as An ECSTATIC EPOCH because I have a silly feeling inside me that the best period of my life is starting now.

I don’t mean to say that I am successful rather what I mean is that this is truly the period when I am able to devote all of my time to do what I love.

Sharing my story with you all seems like a gift. Although I may not be getting many recommends on these posts, but even if one person reads this and gets inspired to do something and take action, I’ll be more than happy.


Being that said, let’s dive into my day:

5:43 : Wake up

5:50 : Work

7:26 : Take a bath

7:40 : Get ready for class

10:12 : Back home

11:02 : Decluttered my cupboard to donate clothes to the poor

11:50 : Work

1:03 : Lunch

1:20 : Work

2:15 : Gym

3:15 : Come back from the gym, have a shower and a snack

3:27 : Work

5:50 : break

6:00 : Work

7:30 to 8:15 : Study

8:15 to 8:30 : Bring some items from the dairy

8:40–9:05 : Dinner

9:05 to 9:25 : work

9:25 to 10:00 : Family time

10:15 : Sleep

Today’s day was not anything special guys. It was just work work work. And then some more work.

Apart from the fact that, I woke up late, AGAINN!!! I cannot tell how frustrated I am regarding this issue. My alarm is not F***ing audible.

The worst part is that the phone keeps ringing for long which completely drains its battery from 100% to 10% and not even audible. So yeah, two things in one. Considering that I need my phone soon after getting up for checking my schedule, reading news and listening to music/podcast in the gym(without which I have to hear the boring EDM at the gym), the situation is bad :(

So there’s that.

I have uninstalled the alarm app that I was currently using. What I have now done is installed a new app and set the ringtone as Holiday : Green Day, so my ringtone starts directly with that guitar tune and drum beat. (quite loud)

I hope this wakes me up! If not I plan to set Metallica as my ringtone.

If you have any other plans PLEASE let me know guys. I need you!

After dealing with this issue, I did some work and then went for the class.

I came back early, worked and then decluttered my cupboard to donate some clothes to the poor that I do not wear. It may not be the best possible use of my time but I had to do it someday and I felt good after doing that.

I resumed my work followed by lunch and then I went to the gym at 2 pm as I had a conference call scheduled at 4 pm and I wanted to be ready for that.

The call went for an hour and proved to be REALLY productive. I then worked till 7:30 with a 10 minute tea break in between. I then studied for around 45 minutes.

After that, it was just some more work, dinner and family time. I’ll sleep by 10:15 and I hope to be up early tomorrow!


If you’re reading this, tell me one thing that resonated with you in this article or anything you think I can improve down in the comments