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This is Day 29 of the 30 DAYS OF DOING THINGS THAT I WAS ‘GONNA’ DO series

So what’s the multi million dollar asset? It’s the asset that will determine your all your successes and your failures. It’s the asset that will be there with you for your lifetime. It’s the asset that you can grow with conscious effort to achieve whatever you want.

It’s the MIND.

It is the most underrated asset of all time. People put all kinds of crap into their mind and then aim to be successful. I am even talking about myself. I was the same average guy some time ago, but as my thinking leveled up, I am not the same average guy anymore.

Dr. DAVID J SCHWARTZ in his book “THE MAGIC OF GETTING WHAT YOU WANT” beautifully explains how we can protect our mind from various negative influences, one of which, I am going to share with you all today.

But first of all,


Your mind is extraordinarily complex but it works in a simple three-step way. First, it takes in information(what you hear, smell, feel, taste and see). Next, it processes this information(how does what I sense relate to me?). Third after processing the information, the brain tells you what action to take to handle it.

For example, your mind tells you that it is raining(information input). You don’t want to get wet (information process). So you put on a raincoat (action on the processed information).

In building a life of success or failure your mind takes in information, processes it and then consciously and subconsciously tells you what to do. Notice that whatever you do or say begins with information input or what you allow to get into your mind.

A cliche of modern times often heard around people who work with computer (and the human mind is the prototype for those machines) is “garbage in, garbage out.” Put in incorrect or bad data and the information output will be misleading. Finally the action taken on the processed data will be incorrect or “garbage”.

A key step in achieving more is to make sure the right kind of information is put into your mind for processing, which in turn leads to the right kind of action.

Your level of happiness, security, contributions to others, your dreams, all come from one place — your mind.

But do we protect our mind as carefully as our physical assets? The answer is no. We allow all kinds of psychological junk information to penetrate our thought process. This includes gossip, rumours, news of scandals, murderers, embezzlements, bankruptcies, bribery and other miscellaneous negative information to enter into our mental computer. And, as a result, too many people feel, act and even look miserable.

According to Dr.Schwartz, the bad and negative information comes from two sources:

  1. The people that we meet on a daily basis — The personal snipers
  2. The Media — The mass snipers


We all have met snipers in our life and if you have met them, you know how frustrating it becomes when someone else ruins your peace of mind. What can you do about it?

Dr. Schwartz highlights techniques to deal with snipers in the work space. Along with that , he also cites examples of people who have successfully implemented these techniques. You can use it in your general life too because complainers don’t only sit in the offices right?

  1. Politely, tell the sniper that you are too busy to talk. A person who works for the Corps of Engineers told Dr.Schwartz, his secret. “Every week, Bud(the sniper) would visit me three or four times to fill me in on assorted goof-ups, administrative problems that were going unsolved and impending changes that will be disastrous. Since bud outranked me and was older, I’d listen. Often his gossiping would go on for 30 minutes or longer. Finally every time Bud would com into my office, I’d explain, ‘I’m way behind on this project’, and say I was too busy to talk. After about a month, Bud dropped me from his information visitation schedule and I no longer have to put up with his analysis of what is wrong.”
  2. Another technique that works with a sniper is don’t agree or disagree with anything he or she says. Just sit there, ask no questions, make no comments, and sooner or later the sniper will scratch you from his or her list of people to try to frighten today. A person who applies this technique told Dr. Schwartz, “It’s amazing how soon people will stop bothering you with bad news if they discover it does not worry you.” The favorite targets of snipers are people who have a natural tendency to worry and express concern with the issue presented.

3. Third and the most direct method of dealing with snipers, is to tell the person politely but firmly that you prefer to rely on official information, not on his or her opinions or interpretations of rumours that float around. A woman who works as administrator of a hospital told Dr.Schwartz, “I didn’t lie to do it, but I finally said to Martha, ‘Look, I’ve got enough difficulties dealing with dozens o problems. When changes are going to be made around here, I’ll learn about them.’ MArtha hasn’t bothered me since with a new crisis that will break anytime.”

These were the most important tips in my opinion to deal with the “Snipers”.

But yes before you go, I have something more on dealing with “Snipers”. I wrote this some time ago and did not want to repeat it. So here’s the quick 3 minute read for you guys : HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE PEOPLE

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