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Aug 14 · 3 min read

Hey there, Champion!

It’s time for another major release. Read on, read on…

Before we get into things, here’s where you can download the game and start playing right now:

Now let’s hear about how you can…

Play Using YOUR OWN Card Collection!

Yes, yes, yes! You can now play Relentless using the cards you’ve been collecting in your account!

That also means you no longer have access to the entire card library like you did before (which was done for balance testing anyway).

Not only that, but if you own multiple editions of the same card, then you can choose which editions to add when deck building. A pop-up will appear once you select a creature or item to add.

All decks and Champion data have been reset, so you can earn packs by leveling up your Champions — see our previous update for info on how the in-game rewards work.

New App Icon

The rebranding is just about finished, and we now have the app icon replaced in the game, in the store pages, and on our social media.

You’ll recognize this guy as one of our new Relentless Champions, Hotshot from the Fire faction.

Once again, we decided to go with a character for the app icon — it’s been shown that app icons featuring faces tend to get more downloads from app stores. And out of all the Champions, Hotshot is the one that stands out the most.

New Battleframes

  • Redesigned the Walker, Feral, and Heavy battleframes

New Animations

  • Added and improved animations for several cards and abilities
  • Added way cool animations for Generals and special card mechanics

Upgraded Pack Opener

  • Improved in-game pack opener animations
  • See additional animations when you press and hold the “Open” button

Other Release Notes

  • Made Tainted Goo and Corrupted Goo tradable cards on the Marketplace (you need to be signed in, of course)
  • Made several additional UI improvements
  • Updated the Shop screen in the app to more closely match the online Marketplace
  • Fixed several bugs, especially with cards combinations (e.g. Banshee + Distract, Alpha + Leash, Vindrom + Leash, etc.)

As always, we’d love to hear what you think — why not jump on the official Discord and bang on that keyboard for a bit.

Happy gaming…

Relentless is the world’s first desktop and mobile card game that runs fully on its own blockchain. Learn more at Loom.games.

Brought to you by Loom Network — the blockchain platform of choice for serious dapp developers.

Relentless TCG

The first truly scalable blockchain game and the first CCG to run entirely on the blockchain. http://loom.games

Thanks to Michael Cullinan

🤖 Robert

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Content & Community @ Loom Network — The blockchain platform of choice for serious dapp developers 🔗 https://loomx.io

Relentless TCG

The first truly scalable blockchain game and the first CCG to run entirely on the blockchain. http://loom.games

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