REMME’s 2018 Pilot Program is Ready to Launch

Kate Pospelova
Oct 17, 2017 · 3 min read

On October 17, REMME moves a step closer to passwordless authentication as applications for the program officially open.

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No matter how much enterprises and governments invest in security, hackers always seem to triumph. Millions; billions; it makes no difference: throwing money at security fails to prevent data breaches and technological disasters. In the wake of the latest high profile hack, which saw millions of Equifax customers’ data exposed, individuals and entities have been searching for a better solution.

It’s glaringly evident that the current paradigm, with its reliance on passwords which can be cracked or compromised, is outmoded. At REMME, we’re proposing an alternative model which changes the way companies protect their customers and their sensitive data by developing a security solution that is as robust as it is user-friendly.

In early 2016, the first closed beta version of our product was released on the Emercoin blockchain and Telegram as 2FA. This version was used as a demo as well as for testing the first stage of the pilot program. Thanks to valuable feedbacks we received from the use of REMME in this real-world environment, our team went on to release the second beta version of the product built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Now, we’re inviting all forward-thinking companies to join the second phase of our pilot program and discover what REMME can do for their business.

Startups as well as large companies operating in various spheres are welcome to become a participant in the pilot program and to enjoy the benefits that come from being an early adopter. We’ve no intention of limiting participants based on the size of their business or industry: the most important thing for us is that you’re interested in trialling our solution and, like us, believe there’s a better, securer way of doing business.

The program is ideal for online resource owners and online service providers in particular who wish to replace their password-only system with REMME’s distributed authentication. Applications will be open for two months from 17 October to 17 December 2017. During this time we will carefully analyze the data we receive from interested parties to identify companies for whom REMME integration will be as effective and valuable as possible. On December 20, we will form a list of 10 participating companies before contacting each participant individually to determine the start date and roadmap for implementing the pilot in their company.

Becoming a member of the program is very simple; all you need to do is submit an application on our site. After this, members of our team will contact you to clarify technical details: characteristics of the system where REMME will be used; current infrastructure; whether you use SSL / TLS now and so on.

At the beginning of 2016 we implemented pilot projects with five companies from completely different business areas, ranging from an online healthcare portal to a hardware manufacturer for Bitcoin mining. But there is one thing that united them all — a serious attitude to protecting their users and their data.

A striking example is the IoT area, where unauthorized access to devices can lead not just to theft of information, but potentially to the risk of personal security. Nobody wants to have their car’s autopilot hacked after all. Therefore, for one of the pilots we used the case of an automobile company with the task of organizing a mesh-network between cars with the help of blockchain, management of different access zones of the vehicle and suchlike.

Another step in applying REMME to the field of IoT was the traffic collision awareness and reporting system, which is based on the core REMME authentication technology, IPFS protocol and Ethereum blockchain. The solution was developed within the framework of Microsoft Blockchain Intensive, where our team took first place and received a $10,000 grant from Airalab.

Apply now to participate in the second phase of our pilot program, or learn more about REMME and its real world potential.

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