Getting the most out of your RequestBox

Hi, my name is Gideon de Brouwer and I’m one of the developers working on RequestBox. My team and I will spend time blogging our journey, as we cover various topics and experiences surrounding RequestBox, with the hope of improving the app. Today I will be covering one of our core features, the actual box in RequestBox.

P.S. If you haven’t read our first blog post I recommend reading it before: “RequestBox bridges the gap between the DJ and their audience” — View here

What is a RequestBox?

Its pretty simple actually. A RequestBox is essentially a box you open for your friends, guests or anyone who wants to drop in song requests. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They can be very flexible and have lots of features to help engage your guests depending on how you setup the box.

Setting up your box

When setting up a box, you have several options available. Allowing you to create a unique experience for yourself (as the host) depending on the type of occasion or preferences. I’ll go over each of these options below.

  • Privacy: A box can either be private or public. If it’s public, anyone who finds the box can enter and add song requests. For private boxes, only your followers are allowed in. Pretty simple and straightforward.
  • Discovery: If enabled, a box can be discovered using our “Discover nearby boxes” feature. This option allows you to search for any open boxes within a certain radius of your location. Note, this option is only available if the box is set as public.
  • Spotify Playlist: Enabling this option creates a Spotify playlist for your box, with the same name. As the host, you can then pick and choose which requests you want in your Spotify Playlist directly from RequestBox. Note, a Spotify account is needed for this feature.
  • Request Radius: A box can also have a request radius. This option allows you to restrict your box to a given area or radius to be exact. It makes sure that only people who are in the vicinity are allowed to request songs.

In Summary, you can pick and mix all of the above to customize your box depending on your needs. Whether that be for a closed house party or a very open public event, the choice is yours.

Once the box has been opened, all your followers will be notified so they can jump in and get requesting. If you haven’t checked it out already, the android version is live on the Google Play Store. An iOS version is also in the works and will be available soon. Don’t hesitate to follow me on RequestBox & Twitter @Gideon_db.

That’s it for now. We’d love to hear some feedback on our current version though, as well as any suggestions you may have. You can find all our details on our website and google play store.

As always, stay tuned for our future blog posts. We plan on covering our current features in more detail as well as previewing unreleased features. Some really exciting stuff!