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Samsung NEXT
We partner with innovators to build ideas into products, grow products into businesses and scale businesses that leverage and transform the Samsung ecosystem.
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Bo Ren
humanist writing about the social and cultural effects of tech.
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Haley Lancaster
Experienced in the art of early stage startups. Dedicated to all things Platform @ SamsungNEXT.
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Tracy Hinds
@hackygolucky | Director, CFO @OpenSourceOrg | Head of Platform @SamsungNEXT | VP of Data-based Sass | Inciting confidence one convo at a time.
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Mia Manantan
I [try my best to] help people and am passionate about building fun and interactive communities.
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Fernanda Baker
SV Head of Ecosystem @Samsung NEXT. Latina in Tech. Passionate about the community of supporters and givers I am building and empowering. ⚡❤
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Dag Kittlaus
Co-Founder/CEO Siri & Viv Labs
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Amit Garg
Venture Capitalist; based in Silicon Valley since 1999
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Manage mobile SDKs in real time, with no need for a version update, reduce SDKs costs and keep your app's performance! #Android #iOS #mobile
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Otto Radio
For the curious mind — discover podcasts you love; get your front page of news read to you. All with the push of a button. www.ottoradio.com
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Stanley Yuan
Builder and strategist by day, mathematician and economist by training, humanitarian at heart.
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Tareq Aljaber
Head of Marketing and growth hacking @ MissingLink.ai. Former: Macromedia ,Adobe, Atlassian & Microsoft. Co-founded @iGitSocial @Klippings.