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This article will provide you with what you need to know about the economics backing the LAND tokens.
Additionally, you can find more information on LAND tokens here and in the LAND presale announcement.

Table of content
1. Definition
2. Use
3. Obtention
4. Supply and distribution
5. Price, rounds, and discounts

1. Definition

LANDS are blockchain-backed tokens (using the ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs) representing physical parcels of The Sandbox Metaverse. They allow players to own a portion of the Metaverse and thus be able to host content (ASSETS and GAMES).

LAND Token description
  • LANDS can be combined together to form ESTATES (respecting specific quad sizes such as 3x3, 6x6, 12x12, 24x24 ).
    In the future, ESTATES will have the potential to be owned by multiple players to form DISTRICTS.
  • LANDS can be purchased during LAND sales.
    There is a discount on LANDS when bought as ESTATES.
    When a LAND is traded, all its contents and ASSETS are included in the trade.

2. Use

LAND is the epicenter of The Sandbox Metaverse.

LAND ownership will allow you to:

  • Secure desirable locations from the finite amount of LAND in The Sandbox
  • Participate in gameplay in The Sandbox
  • Host games or experiences on your LAND
  • Earn SAND by hosting gameplay or renting the LAND
  • Organize contests and events on your LAND
  • Participate in metaverse governance

3. Obtention

LAND tokens will be purchasable in the upcoming sales (Presale round 2 starts on February 11th and lasts 15 days).

  • There will be a total of 5 rounds of sales. Presale rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be rounds of small durations. The 5th round, also called the “Public Sale”, will be a round with open-ended duration until all LANDS available for sale are sold out.
  • You will be able to buy LAND with ETH. Price are fixed in USD.
    (see pricing below)
  • You will have access to a map on which you will be able to select your LAND, LANDS, ESTATE (S, M, L, XL), or ESTATES from the available supply.

(We will publish a complete tutorial in the coming days)

4. Supply and distribution

The Sandbox Metaverse is composed of 166,464 LANDS, in a square map of 408x408.

This number is finite, meaning that there will never be more than 166,464 LANDS.

LANDS Distribution:

LAND Distribution table
  • 123,840 LANDS (∼74%) are available for sale in total.
  • 25,920 LANDS (∼16%) will form the Reserve, that will be distributed to partners, creators, and gamers as rewards.
  • 16,704 LANDS (∼10%) will remain the property of The Sandbox. They will be used to host special events, feature exclusive games and ASSETS.
LAND Distribution pie chart

5. Price and discounts

Public LAND Price = 48 USD

(see below for applicable discounts on Presales)

Prices will be fixed in USD on our primary marketplace until LANDS are sold out.

Discounts are applied on ESTATES: the bigger the ESTATE, the bigger the discount.

Each of our LAND sale rounds will feature a sliding percentage discount scale. This first sale offers the best discount at 40% and the discounts on LAND parcels will decrease by 10% per round until the release of our public round, which will last until all LANDS are sold.

Since you will buy your LANDS with ETH, the price of LANDS will fluctuate in ETH according to ETH/USD variations. 48USD ≊ 0,31ETH with ETH/USD price of ∼152 USD according to the MakerDAO’s price oracle (November 30th, 6:30PM GMT)

  1. LAND Sales: Details of Presale rounds (short duration) and Public sale (open-ended)
  2. Avg LAND price (USD): Average LAND Price in USD taking into account compound discounts (% of Discount/round + ESTATE discounts)
  3. % of Discount / round: Discount per round
  4. Max # of LANDS: Maximum amount of LAND sold per round (in unit of LANDS)
  5. % of LANDS for Sale: Maximum percentage of LANDS available for sale sold in this round
  6. %LANDS: Maximum percentage of LANDS available sold in this round
Discounts/size for the first round of the LAND Presale, started on December 4th
Discounts/size for the second round of the LAND Presale, starting on February 11th
Discounts/size for the third round of the LAND Presale, starting on March 31st
Discounts/size for the LAND MoonSale, starting on June 4th
Discounts/size for the LAND Presale 4
  1. # LANDS/parcel: Number of LANDS per parcel.
  2. Discounts/size: Discounts applied on ESTATES (i.e., the bigger the ESTATE, the bigger the discount)
  3. Compound discounts: Discounts/size + Discount / round
  4. Parcel/price: Price per parcel (LAND or ESTATE) with applied compound discounts for the first round



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