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Note from the editor

Scatter/Gather is a blog about the intersection of content strategy, pop culture and human behavior. Initial posts were contributed by people who were practicing content strategy at the offices of Razorfish, an international digital design agency. Many of them are now practicing content strategy elsewhere, and the original blog site broke. So the content lives on here, and maybe we’ll even add to it!

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Rachel Lovinger
soul of a hippiechick, spirit of a cyberpunk; Content Strategy Director at Razorfish; lifelong infovore
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Melanie Seibert
Content strategist opining about work and other things. Find me at prosekiln.com.
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Erin Abler
User experience lady. Content strategist. Quietly sang 'Unforgettable' in high school chemistry to confuse the teacher.
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Mary S. Butler
Content strategist focused on customer experience.
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Robert A Stribley
Writer and photographer with interests in immigration, privacy, security, culture and digital design. Day jobs in UX at SapientRazorfish and faculty at SVA.
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