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4 min readSep 12, 2023

In this article, we break down the benefits of GLASSPASS upon the upcoming mint this September. If you’ve just joined the Script Network ecosystem and wonder what all the hype is all about, lets dive in more detail to what GLASSPASS is all about, how the mint process will be and why its completely unique as an NFT.

To start with, what is GLASSPASS?

GLASSPASS is a limited NFT collection featuring just 1500 passes. The artwork and metadata (besides token id of course), is identical, with none f the passes being more rare or common than each other. The point of GLASSPASS therefore is not to own one to hang on your wall, but rather, to own one as a pure utility asset.


The big question is once you mint your pass, do you hold, or do you burn it? To clarify, here is the options available.

By holding, you get the following benefits:

  • $SCPT Airdrop
  • $SCPT Ad Revenue Profit Bonus
  • Free offline ticket raffles (Cinema, Festivals)
  • Beta access to product launches
  • Exclusive Content
  • Owning an asset with a deflationary supply

By burning, you get the following benefits:

  • Get Superscript Glasses (the most exclusive, rarest pair of glasses)
  • Own a rare tradeable asset (Superscript Glasses)
  • Earn the maximum amount per day in $SPAY tokens through holding
  • Superscript Glasses holders get branded drops from global partners.

Below is a chart of the difference between the 3 glasses types. The numbers below are approximate, but will scale up / down based on the ratio shown. (So, if there rewards double, it will double for Superscript Glasses holders too)

$SCPT Airdrop

The SCPT airdrop is included is available for all holders of a GLASSPASS NFT at the snapshot. The airdrop is directly based on a per GLASSPASS ownership. Simply, someone who owns 2 GLASSPASS NFTs, will get 2x the airdrop than someone who owns 1. In total there is 6,000,000 SCPT tokens approximately that is available to be airdropped to holders.

This is a one time credit.

Unsure on what our SCPT token is and what you can use it for? You can check here for a full breakdown. SCPT will go live soon on exchanges. To understand further information, be sure to read our detailed breakdown on our whitepaper.

$SCPT Profit Sharing

Script Network creates revenue through a range of means, but mainly, through advertising. In simple terms, the company gets paid based on advertising minutes that is watched on the platform on a day to day basis. You can find out more on this, here. The platform is already seeing viewing figures of over 1,500,000 minutes watched on the platform weekly approx.

Although profit sharing will not launch until 3 months after token launch, Script Network has committed to buy-back-burns, but also to share earnings from ad revenue to holders of SCPT and holders of Script Network ecosystem NFTs, including BearX and, of course, GLASSPASS.

Ad revenue is generated and paid out to Script Network in dollars. A convertible value at the time of profit sharing, will be then paid out in $SCPT tokens.

Assets will need to be staked to earn the above.

So….wen mint?
Minting is scheduled to take place on Thursday 14th September @ 3PM UTC. No links on minting will be given out prior to the date. Price of mint will be 0.04ETH (or equivalent in MATIC).

What chain will minting take place on?
Originally it would have been available on ETH only, but due to the fluctuating gas prices, there will also be the opportunity to mint on Polygon also. So, at launch, you can choose between ETH or MATIC to mint on. Please ensure you have enough gas to cover your mint prior to the launch time. There will be a separate link for ETH and MATIC.

Who can mint?
For the first few hours, it’ll be whitelisted wallets only. You can check if you are a whitelist here
If you are a whitelisted wallet, you can mint 2 GLASSPASS NFTs

What is the mint process?
We will be using Helio Protocol to conduct the mint. This means if you mint, you will receive a presale confirmation via email, and then you will then claim that very NFT from the link that is given out through our socials. We have this process after a lot of analysis to avoid bots, vapor and sybil attacks on the mint. This process is simple (one click to mint), and avoids any of the aformentioned issues. This means to be clear, you cannot trade the GLASSPASS NFT token until you claim.

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The Script Network is a video-based blockchain protocol focused on decentralized storage and 24/7 live content. Script Networks products include Script TV, GameFi NFTs, and multiple other dApps currently being built on-chain.

Script TV, (one of the core services of the Script Network protocol), is a free-to-air live television platform. It features countless channels and offers diverse movies, sports, documentaries, and news content, all of which earn rewards whilst watching content. Script Networks watch to earn elements that allow users to develop and grow to enhance their NFTs through GameFi mechanisms.

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