Where VR: Welcome to our Tokyo VR lab!

Co-Working in Shinjuku

Just as we explained different office alternatives and how virtual reality offices come into this equation, you might be wondering where we are actually working (and VRing).

While we are working hard to be able to say “In COMN!” someday soon, we are not quite there yet. Instead, we are proud to introduce our home base, our VR lab in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

VR lab & office in Shinjuku, Tokyo ©Second Earth

Right in the pulsating heart of technology innovation and development, our VR lab can be found in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Surrounded by cutting-edge innovation power and strong players in the technology field, we are researching, developing and fine-tuning our envisioned product.

To get the necessary impulse and inspiration, our office space is a mix of VR machines, comfy sofas, a dedicated desk space, a sleeping pod and … a bar. :) True to the stimulating powers of a co-working space, we are sharing our office with other teams — which always results in great conversation and even greater laughs.

This very space is also the scene of our meetups. On a regular basis, we organise networking events, seminars and other meetings, sometimes with special guests, that bring our project, our vision as well as the product development process closer to the participants.

VR lab & office in Shinjuku, Tokyo ©Second Earth

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our VR lab in the near future — for some networking, a meetup or just a casual chat about our project!

Stay tuned for more information on events and updates and subscribe to our social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

VR lab & office in Shinjuku, Tokyo ©Second Earth
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