Name this location on the CMU campus. Photo by Molly Steenson.

Syllabus: Interaction and Service Design Concepts, 2017

Context and Perspectives for Design in Flux

Seminar One (51–701), Fall 2017
Carnegie Mellon School of Design

Prof. Molly Wright Steenson, PhD
TA: Manya Krishnaswamy

Interaction design is in flux.

There is no single definition of interaction design.

What about you?

Course policies are on a separate page. They include information about grading, deadlines, and important policies.

Week 1, Introductions

Watch Bill Moggridge’s apocryphal story about the birth of interaction design, from the documentary Objectified. For as beautiful and thoughtful as the Grid’s exterior was, it was the interaction with its software that produced its soul.
Here’s an example of a sketchnote by Sacha Chua. It’s also a useful diagram for how to approach the readings this semester.

Week 2, Origin Myths

Week 3, What’s at Stake?

Kate Crawford & Meredith Whittaker lead the AI Now Research Initiative in New York that examines “the social and economic implications of artificial intelligence.”
From Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a skit about… an argument.

Week 4, Data Humanism

Giorgia Lupi, in her 2017 TED talk on data humanism

Week 5, Architecting is (Not?) a Real Word

People have a lot of opinions about architecting being a verb.

Week 6, What AI has to do with design, part 1

Week 7, What AI has to do with design, part 2

Week 8, Catching Up and Futures

Week 9, Social Construction of Technology

Week 10, Value-Sensitive Design and Designing Ethically

Week 11, From Bias to Inclusive Design, led by Manya Krishnaswamy

Microsoft Design: Inclusive (please watch in time for class)

Week 12, Design & Imaginaries (with Dan Lockton & Ahmed Ansari)

Week 13, Peer Review of Paper Drafts/Thanksgiving

Week 14, Speculative & Critical Design Practice ( with Deepa Butoliya)

Week 15, Final Presentations and Conclusions