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Serenity 2019 progress report

Denis Kulagin, Serenity CEO:

“Dear colleagues and partners, I wish you a happy New Year! I sincerely hope that you achieve all your goals and bring your most ambitious plans to life in 2020. May good luck accompany you in all your endeavors, may your loved ones be always close to you, while your financial success exceeds your boldest expectations!

The beginning of a new year is a great time to take a look back and review the work done in the year past. I’m especially happy to do it this time, since this year was marked by tremendous work on several interconnected products.”

In 2019, Serenity project made a giant leap forward and went from a one-product startup (blockchain-based escrow) to a whole ecosystem with a unique product line that creates an environment for transparent trading and exchange of fiat and cryptocurrency.

Important rollouts of the year:

Serenity.Exchange for cryptocurrency

Its highlight is the aggregation of liquidity from other cryptocurrency exchanges, which means that orders are executed at the best possible prices. Dozens of cryptocurrency pairs got listed on Serenity.Exchange in the first few months, while the exchange itself appeared on CoinMarketCap and Live Coin Watch.

Cryptocurrency exchanger Serenity.Pay

In the fall of 2019, we unveiled our exchanger Serenity.Pay. The new service accepts fiat currencies via Visa and MasterCard bank cards. Currently, the platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and GUSD. Through Serenity.Pay, users can deposit into their Serenity.Exchange accounts using ordinary bank cards. For individuals, this means convenience, while business clients appreciate the lack of payment processing load.

Margin trading platform

Simultaneously with the cryptocurrency exchanger, we launched a platform for margin trading Margin.Serenity.Exchange. It significantly expands the trading capabilities of the exchange. Margin trading grants access to larger sums than currently on the client’s balance.

Trader’s Office

Specifically for the management of margin trading accounts, we also developed a Private Office page to be used by both traders and partners.

White Label

We’re always ready to share our technology with the industry! Cryptocurrency exchange with liquidity aggregation, margin trading platform, trader’s private office, and cryptocurrency exchanger are all available for integration and customization for your business.

Out of our whole product line, the new cryptocurrency exchanger Serenity.Pay was the biggest hit among the attendees of the major European industry event Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow.

Our plans for 2020 are not less ambitious: expansion of payment solutions for traders around the world, further improvement of our back-end and front-end technology, building up partnerships with brokerage firms and promising projects in the cryptocurrency industry. However, our most important work right now is to polish all our products and bring them to a level which would allow us to enter the next phase of active promotion and gaining publicity. This will be our primary focus in 2020.

Stay tuned for the news of Serenity ecosystem and follow our updates on Telegram, Facebook and Medium!

I would like to express sincere gratitude to our community and team for their strong support and active participation in the project.

Best wishes,

Denis Kulagin, Serenity CEO




The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

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Serenity Financial

Serenity Financial

The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

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