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“The HBO of reading.” -NPR
Note from the editor

Serial Box produces and publishes fiction serials, blending story production and distribution practices from television, book publishing and narrative podcasting. These team-written original serials span a range of genres including sci fi / fantasy, espionage, contemporary and historical drama, post apocalyptic, etc. Serial Box delivers episodes to fans’ digital devices every Wednesday over the course of 13–16 week seasons. Each episode is available in ebook and audio and takes about 40 minutes to enjoy. Learn more at Serial Box.com.

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Serial Box
Serialized fiction in synced audio+ebook bundles from bestselling authors. Download the iOS or Android app or explore online at http://serialbox.com/serials.
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Molly Barton
Books. Digital. Global. Productive new ways forward. Mission: make sure writing remains a viable career choice. (Opinions & thoughts are mine and mine alone)