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There has been a slew of new Supernodes led by Feng Han’s Manhattan Project that will be running as candidates for the DPoS Elections. Here are the following new candidates, some with their websites attached. As most of these nodes are Chinese in origin, our information is incomplete:

BOHUI, Aiyongshangcheng, Storswift (, Heibei Community, Chain World (, Manhattan Project, Green Gang, ChainClub, Bightbc

There has also been a Supernode of Chinese Community Moderators announced.

Updated on April 22, 2019 on our newest issue of Cyber Republic Weekly Update.

Thanks to all the Supernode candidates that took time to speak with the Cyber Republic Weekly Newsletter. We are actively seeking information on other Supernode Candidates, so look out for our weekly edition.

Any Supernode Candidates that would like to be profiled can contact @espiritdecorps912 on Telegram, or by email at to share information about your Supernode Candidacy.

Happy voting, Cyber Republicans!


By Jeremy G

We’re going to give the community a peek into some Supernode Candidates. Your vote matters a lot, and we’d like to emphasize that while we are trying to provide accurate materials, much of this information is subject to change depending on each supernode. We will continue reporting on the Supernode Candidates updates every week, but we encourage our readers to be proactive about researching who you are voting for and who may control our consensus; a high voter reward may not always be the best choice.

Current and New Supernode Candidates will be updated weekly. Stay tuned!

Supernode Election Process

The Elastos Carrier and the Different Elastos Nodes

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