UX Observation Series


Hello and welcome to the Equals Creative UX Observation Series.

Website design and development is in a stage of transition — the aesthetic value and usability of a website is now a significant aspect of a website.

People have been known to adore content in respect of SEO & digital marketing, but this view has shifted. People tend to look toward the visuals and user experience of a website — and rightly so.

In this Medium series, we here at EC HQ will be searching the web for UX designs that catch our attention — whether for the right or wrong reasons.

Let’s begin!


P. 4–6: Amazon UK

P. 7–9: Airbnb

P. 10–11: Mulberry

P. 12–15: Stagecoach

P. 16–18: Google Maps

P. 19: End of Vol. 1

Amazon UK

Homepage (30th of September 2017)

Let’s start big!

We have a screenshot of the Amazon.co.uk homepage. It’s from the 30th of September back in 2017. Looks different, right?

You may have read the Medium article we wrote for this one, but it’s a great example of how companies change their homepage to promote a product at certain times of the day, week or year.

Take a look at the next page to see the screenshot.

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