Expats name Shanghai as their favorite Chinese city for sixth year in a row

Well, duh

Apr 16, 2018 · 1 min read

For yet another year, Shanghai has reaffirmed its position as the best city in China… for expats, at least.

This is the 6th time in a row that our fair city has topped an annual survey conducted by “Amazing China,” which asks foreigners in the country to vote on their favorite Chinese cities.

Some 30,000 expats (including four Nobel laureates) took part in this year’s survey, which asked them to rank Chinese cities in a number of different aspects that were grouped into four broad categories: expat-friendly policies, governmental administrative capacity, and working and living environments.

Here’s the top 10:

  1. Shanghai
  2. Beijing
  3. Hefei
  4. Qingdao
  5. Shenzhen
  6. Hangzhou
  7. Suzhou
  8. Chengdu
  9. Nanjing
  10. Guangzhou

It should come as no surprise that Shanghai came out on top. After all, where else in China can you find a Disneyland, a Hanging Gardens, and a Taco Bell?


China in bite-sized portions


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China in bite-sized portions.


China in bite-sized portions

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