Shanghai son finds he’s able to unlock his mom’s iPhone X with his face

Wait, is the iPhone X racist or just dumb?


After news broke last week that a Chinese woman was able to unlock her coworker’s iPhone X, many began to wonder if Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone was a bit racist, now people are wondering if it’s just plain dumb.

A man living in Shanghai surnamed Liu recently bought his wife an iPhone X. However, the family soon discovered a slight flaw in the phone’s sophisticated facial recognition software after the couple’s son was able to use his face to unlock his mom’s phone.

You can watch the mother and son demonstrate this bug on a Knews video.

Watch on QQ video

Afterward, Liu said that he called Apple’s customer service hotline and was told that it might be a rare, isolated case caused by his wife and son looking very similar. However, the company is currently carrying out a full investigation into the matter.

This news, combined with last week’s coworker mix-up, has Chinese consumers feeling a bit nervous about their iPhone X’s security and privacy features. Apple has claimed that its facial recognition software is nearly foolproof, with only a one in a million shot of someone else’s face being able to unlock your phone.

Turns out, that’s not such great odds in a country of 1.3 billion.

[Images via Knews]