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by Sibabrata Choudhury

The majestic Baitrani and Salandi rivers meander through Bhadrak district that gives life to millions of agriculturists in this historical land. The district is named after goddess Bhadrakali who is worshipped in a temple situated in Aharpada, 8 km from Bhadrak city. In 2021, the Goverment of Odisha launched an ambitious School Transformation Program to uprgrade the school infrastructure and learning environment in all the thirty districts. In the 7 blocks of Bhadrak distirct 122 schools had gone through this process of metamorphosis by Dec 2022. What was needed is the right kind of digital content for the smart classrooms to make them alive.

Since 2014, Aveti Learning a homegrown enterprise has devoted itself to develop course aligned digital learning modules in Odia that is interesting, interactive and traceable. The content and software platform has all these vital components that gives value to students, teachers as well as the Administrators. Transforming classrooms into interactive digital rooms is realised with Aveti e-learning content which has the following features:

# Chapter wise, concept wise course material arranged in a user friendly catalogue

# Micro videos and practice questions aligned to conceptual learning

# Delivery software platform for ease of function

# Data tracking mechanism to monitor classroom usage

In December 2022, District Collector Shri. Siddeshwar Baliram Bondar presented a pleasant challenge to Aveti Team — to enable the Smart classrooms with Digitial Content in 122 schools across 7 blocks and within a short span of two weeks! The task was bold and prodigious considering the spread of the district with multiple stakeholders involved in the process. Aveti Team was up for the task and commited to another on-time execution. In fact timely and quick implementaiton is one of the expectations in all the districts where Aveti Learning has collaborated to provide digital learning content as teacher aid in classroom teaching.

Smart panel boards come alive in Bhadrak schools

“Under 5T School Transformation Programme we have already developed high quality infrastructure and smart classrooms with modern panel boards in High Schools in our district . I am giving you fifteen days time to equip the schools with digital content.” — Shri. Siddeshwar Baliram Bondar, District Collector, Bhadrak

Teamwork leads to Transformation

The mantra of 5TTeam work, Technology, Transparency, Transformation and Time limit is now well known and adopted by all the Departments of Govt. of Odisha. Having worked with different District teams and host of teachers across the state, this demand to execute within short timeline was well accepted by Aveti Team and we were determined to to apply all the 5T elements to practice.

This humongous task of reaching out to 122 schools spread across 7 blocks of Bhadrak was executed within 6 working days. This assignment could be executed due to the immaculate coordination between the DEO Office, Aveti Team members and able support by the School Authorities. Within the stipulated timeframe of six days, Aveti team travelled over 3000 kms across the district, installed the software in over 200 classrooms and trained close to 1000 teachers in the process. This was a ideal example of teamwork and transformation in display.

203 classrooms schools are enabled with smart teaching aid for Teachers

Transparency and Accountability for greater efficiency

Now that classrooms have digital content and interactive boards, it is equally important to ensure effective use of the system. Aveti School Learning System is equipped to provide feedback and data points for the decision makers and District Administration. This is one of the unique and powerful feature of Aveti platform. The system enables realtime usage data upload to a centralized server which in turn is reflected on a web dashboard. In simple terms, it is possible to visualize how each school is using the digital content installed in the classrooms, almost on realtime basis. Based on this information, it will be possible to address the implementation issues and shortcomings. At Aveti we call it the 360 degree feedback loop, that is designed on the Mastery based approach.

“We will ensure all the schools have internet connection so that data synchronisation will be done regularly. With feedback from the system, we can provide the necessary guidance and support to Schools for better progress of our students.” — Kapilendra Mishra, DEO Bhadrak

Teachers eager to guide students towards higher growth and achievment through Smart Class

Aveti Learning has been endeavouring to enable classrooms to make it a wholesome learning experience for children and spur them ahead. The digital content is packaged in a easy to use platform and equips Teachers with wide range of tools in from of micro videos, concept mapped exercises, unit tests, interactive experiments. Now one more Odisha district is ready to deliver on the promises and vision of building a strong and dynamic nation. This is Aveti’s contribution towards bringing world class learning experiences to the classrooms in Odisha.



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