Letting Go of Harshness

Harsh words

Heaviness felt,

Apologies now

It’s very easy for us to let harsh words flow. We feel wronged perhaps, we feel others don’t appreciate us, we feel others don’t understand us.

What is not so easy is letting these feelings go without letting others know. Letting go of our expectations, our anger and of being upset.

The strange thing with harsh words is they often hurt not only others but they also hurt us. Leaving us feeling heavy with regret. Leaving wounds of their own.

If we can just learn to let go a little, life may feel all the more sweet. We will feel lighter and be kinder to both ourselves, and those we really care about.

Carl is the proud owner of Frictionless Living which is focused on helping readers find simplicity and focus in distracted times. He is also the author of A Short Guide to Living Well, Need Less, Live More and 22 Ways to Simpler Living.