Singularity Fund — Weekly report #17

Weekly report from September 19 to September 26

Net Asset Value and Performance of the fund

NAV on September 26= $15.96

Performance from September 19 to September 26= 3.25%

Performance from May 31 to September 26= 159.72%

NAV evolution between May 31 and September 26

As we explained in the latest two reports (see last week report), the crypto markets have being significantly impacted by the Chinese adverse news (ICO ban, then cryptocurrency exchanges forced to close, then rumors about miners being targeted by the Chinese authorities). Almost all crypto assets crashed by 25%-30%, however there was a strong resilience at levels well above the latest crash in July. It is a very good signal that the positive long-term trend is confirmed, and we can observe that each crash is actually strengthening the market, bringing confidence to investors that the whole thing is not going to collapse so easily. Things have now settled down, and since the beginning of the week the markets are slightly recovering.

Fund Composition on September 26

Fund crypto-assets allocation on September 26

We have changed the sorting of the tokens in our allocation in order to group them by categories rather than by order of investment, and are working on a sector-based classification allowing to define target weights by sector. We are also reviewing our rebalancing methodology in order to execute the rebalancing in a more systematic and automated way. We will explain more about these changes in a close future.

BTC 7.42%
ETH 10.55%
BCH 1.61%
WAVES 2.98%
IOT 5.98%
NEO 5.04%
LINK 9.96%
OMG 15.16%
ZRX 9.34%
CND 7.30%
XRL 4.41%
SAN 1.64%
NMR 0.51%
CVC 4.20%
FCT 1.74%
TNT 0.98%
Enjin 4.15%
Dmarket 2.55%
BET 0.29%
NET 0.74%
SNM 0.48%
BNT 0.52%
TKN 1.97%
BCAP 0.48%

Singularity Fund links

NAV (Net Asset Value):

We also recommend reading our Performance Analysis report, where we compare the performance of the Singularity Fund to the performance of three benchmarks: Bitcoin, Ether, and CRIX (crypto index).