SingularityNET Ecosystem 2022 Delivery, Year in Review

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Project Accomplishments, Milestones, and Ecosystem Achievements

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Greetings Singularitarians and Happy New Year!

2022 was a strong year for SingularityNET, with accelerated progress on all vital fronts. The SingularityNET mission combines an ambitious and visionary combination of simultaneous development towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and seeding AI use across strategically selected vertical markets, all leading towards a beneficial Singularity.

The manifold progress is hard to summarize in a single update, as it involves updates to the OpenCog AGI framework, the SingularityNET decentralized AI Marketplace, our exciting world-leading spin-offs, and community-oriented programs. The progress across all of these dimensions adds up to very strong progress for the foundation and its spin-offs in 2022.

Take a look at how far the ecosystem traveled in 2022, highlighting each of SingularityNET’s flagship initiatives:

Progress Through 2022

Delivering steadily and consistently throughout 2022, there is a lot to celebrate by the end of the year:

2022 Q1 Section Heading

SingularityNET Tech Development

  • AI-DSL Phase 1 Complete.
  • OpenCog Hyperon team benchmarks neuro-symbolic agents in Minecraft (blog and video demo).
  • AI-DSL, NuNet, Pathform, and 6 other teams successfully funded via Catalyst Fund7 SingularityNET-Cardano Challenge Round.
  • Creation of a templatized airdrop portal that can be efficiently adapted and used for airdrops by each of our upcoming spin-off projects.
  • Upgraded the Converter Bridge for Plutus compatibility.
  • Converter Bridge went live for its final round of testing on the public testnet.
  • Finalization of the ecosystem Airdrop Portal.

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

2022 Q2 Section Heading

SingularityNET Tech Development

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

SingularityNET Tech Development

  • The OpenCog Hyperon team released their second blog and demo of the neuro-symbolic Minecraft agents, diving into the fundamental problems and limitations that ML AI systems face, that neuro-symbolic AI systems can overcome.
  • AI-DSL shared progress updates on the theoretical and practical foundations of the AI collaboration system.

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

  • Deep Funding opened its governance round, accepting community proposals for future improvements and innovations in the Deep Funding process.
  • SingularityNET released the 2021 Financial Report and Live Streamed an AMA for community transparency into operations.
  • SingularityNET sponsored and helped organize AGI-22, the only AI conference focused on general intelligence. SingularityNET hosted and sponsored the livestream of all 4 conference days.

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

  • During AGI-22, Jam Galaxy held a benefit concert with other local artists. The Jam Galaxy Band performance highlighted Desdemona’s AI-generated lyrics and debuted her AI singing voice, and was a highlight of the AGI conference.
  • Sophia was featured in her very own documentary “Sophia,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and also appeared at NFT.NYC with Ben Goertzel.
  • Desdemona was also featured in her very own article in the New York Times!

SingularityNET Tech Development

  • OpenCog Hyperon Team: First pre-alpha release of MeTTa-TrueAGI language interpreter and implementation of a pre-alpha DAS in Hyperon; in addition, ported goal-oriented and exploratory agents to our Minecraft mod and implemented ‘Curious agent’ in MeTTA for SophiaDAO as development initiatives for MeTTa.
  • Released an MVP on training Marketplace Dapp.
  • Completed the transition from the Ropsten to the Goerli test network.
  • Completed the Loyalty Airdrop Portal, and began functional and performance testing of the Staking Portal on Cardano, in conjunction with our partner MLabs.

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

  • The SingularityNET Supervisory Council released the SingularityNET Decentralization Report describing the state of decentralizing organizations in the Web 3.0 world.
  • The Phase Two Loyalty Rewards program was announced, and the claiming portal went live, a token of appreciation for all of the SingularityNET Phase One supporters.
  • Deep Fund governance round results were announced, and Deep Fund Round 2 launched with 5 separate pools!
  • SingularityNET and Rejuve partnered with Genescient to investigate additional statistical approaches that use our OpenCog AI tools to identify Methuselah Fly genes that are likely to play important roles in practical longevity applications.
  • SingularityNET and the Ecosystem sponsored and attended the first-ever Rare Bloom event, a Cardano community event put on by the Cardano community for the Cardano community. SingularityNET, HyperCycle, SingularityDAO, NuNet, and Jam Galaxy all sponsored booths, and gave presentations or performed.
  • SingularityNET was honored once again to be asked to speak at the annual Cardano Summit, organized by the Cardano Foundation, as well as hold a booth at the event.

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

  • Grace began spending time with senior citizens at a care facility in Montreal, participating in a study on robotic companions to address elder loneliness.
  • Jam Galaxy and Desdemona Robot participated in NFTCastle in Prague, and even got to hold a Twitter-Space event with a member of the Czech nobility in the lead-up to the event!
  • The Jam Galaxy with Desdemona Robot announced their first NFT drop, and Desi and the Band performed live for the Cardano community!
  • Sophia tested out her new Dialogue System component, implementation in OpenCog Hyperon MeTTa.

Pod and Project Overviews — In their own words

Finally, we’d like to share updates from our Pod and Project leaders, reflecting on the year’s progress, beginning with internal Pod leaders, who lead fundamental components of the SingularityNET organization, and progressing to our ecosystem project leaders. These Pod and Project leaders have worked tirelessly throughout the year to advance the organization and bring us closer to realizing the vision of decentralized, benevolent AI and AGI.

SingularityNET Organization Updates — In their own words

OpenCog Hyperon
At the beginning of 2022, the team made the decision on the host languages for MeTTa implementation, which then allowed for steady development of the core MeTTa interpreter throughout the year. In April, the first presentation of a language with restricted functionality was made at the AGI Discussion Forum. Bi-weekly MeTTa Study Group seminars started in July, with more developers experimenting and implementing different concepts in MeTTa, including PLN, probabilistic dependent types, recursion schemes, and others. Major architectural design choices were made, and we proceeded to prepare the first pre-alpha release in Q4.

In the background, we developed goal-oriented and exploratory agents as the first step towards general-purpose Minecraft agents for a further port to MeTTa, which was initially postponed. Instead, we created our own Minecraft AI mod for later versions of Minecraft and modified these agents to work with it. We also started designing a port of the SingularityNET dialogue system to MeTTa; as a first step, we built a proof-of-concept of a “curious” dialogue agent in MeTTa.

With the generous support of the Cardano community via the Catalyst Fund7 funding, the team successfully instantiated 5 fundamental real-world AI services as test cases for composition and verification. We are excited to use what we learned to build an initial Idris-based AI-DSL using existing services on the SingularityNET platform in 2023.

Our Platform team created an airdrop portal that will be used by all of our upcoming spin-off projects in the first half of 2022 and that NuNet has already successfully used. Also, both our converter bridge and Deep Funding voting portal went live. Since the release of the AGIX-ETH Converter Bridge in April, 260 million tokens have been converted from Ethereum to Cardano and 110 million the other way around!

Following the successful launch of the converter bridge and cross-chain wallet mapping, the SingularityNET Loyalty Airdrop Portal was developed in the second half of the year, and the Loyalty Airdrop Program was initiated in Q4. Finally, the team has been hard at work developing Cardano staking, which is now in internal testing and will be available in early 2023. Our next priorities are adding support for governance and voting for AGIX-ADA wallets on the Cardano blockchain and implementing a Platform/Marketplace port to finalize the SingularityNET journey to true cross-chain compatibility. Design discussions on Platform integration with Hydra protocol on Cardano are currently underway, and we will have more details and updates for the community after the staking portal launch. Finally, the team has transitioned to Goerli Network support for testing and decommissioned the Ropsten network across all components.

Also, as part of a major Platform upgrade in 2022, model training support for the Platform/Marketplace Daemon was implemented in the middle of the year, and training model support was finalized across all components in November. This additional feature enables AI developers to provide multiple training models to their AI systems for various use cases, making AI services more useful and robust for consumers. The first MVP of the new training service is now available on the marketplace DApp and preliminary testing has begun.

Deep Funding
As promised in our community-supported phase 2 proposal in 2021, we launched our Deep Funding initiative in 2022. There are currently 11 projects being worked on by nine different teams thanks to funding from Round 1, and Round 2 proposal collection has just begun.

During the interval between rounds, we tried out a “community governance experiment” in which members of our community provided helpful feedback (which resulted in the creation of two brand new pools for Round 2) and reputation ratings were tested based on the positive actions of community members on the platform. Here, for the first time, we employed this reputation rating as a lever in the voting process, giving members of the community with a high reputation more sway in the outcome. This had a significant effect on the outcomes of the governance round and, by extension, the structure of Round 2, despite the fact that the overlap between voting and platform activity was quite small.

To keep applying what we’ve learned, in 2023 we plan to hold more Funding Rounds and Community Governance Rounds as part of Deep Funding. Our goal is to build a community of engaged, helpful, and well-informed individuals who are rewarded in AGIX proportionally to their reputation score, so we will keep listening to the community, analyzing our data, and learning from our mistakes in order to fund many promising projects and create a governance system with increasing strength. Deep Funding will serve as a model for proactive collaboration and experimentation that will yield industry-leading tools and methods for crypto governance.

Ambassador Program
The SingularityNET Community Ambassador program was announced in 2022 so that our incredible community members might contribute more directly to the realization of SingularityNET’s vision of a beneficial singularity and spread the word about the essential importance of decentralized AGI.

We hold weekly Ambassador Town Hall meetings, and five workgroups have been formed by the community since the program's inception. There are translation groups, internal processes groups, a community podcast, a treasury, and a marketing guild. If you want to become an Ambassador, first join the SingularityNET Discord server.

We have had 30 active contributors on our Dework page over the last six months. The marketing guild is creating a Twitter page and a YouTube channel to share all of the meetings, announcements, and recaps. In 2022 so far, 120,000 AGIX tokens have been distributed as rewards, mostly through translation blog posts. There have been five podcast interviews with ecosystem leaders on the community podcast, with more to come. The program is very open to contributions and ideas - don’t be shy and join in on the fun.

Ecosystem Project Updates — In their own words

Ibby Benali, CMO of HyperCycle, shared this update -
In 2022, HyperCycle has moved rapidly behind the scenes, building out an amazing team. Recently, we welcomed Evan Rodenberg as our Chief Revenue Officer to our leadership team, which now consists of Toufi Saliba (CEO), Dann Toliver (CTO), Dr. Ben Goertzel (Chief AI Scientist), Dr. Barry Rowe (Chief Math Scientist), Ibby Benali (CMO), Dr. Greg Colvin (VM Lead), Dr. Anton Kolonin (Reputation-System Lead), Mario Casiraghi (Tokenomics Lead), Dr. Robert Moir (Chief Data Scientist).

HyperCycle is actively reaching out to data centers, miners, and potential distributors, and is in fact already generating revenue, having received 7 purchase orders for HyperCycle License Bundles. A HyperCycle license is a perpetual license for life and is sold against incrementally decreasing discounts per sale. If you are interested in a HyperCycle License Bundle, please go to

We had a chance to attend and speak at a number of events, such as the community-powered Cardano event Rare Bloom, where CEO Toufi Saliba presented his unique vision of HyperCycle. More recently, an AMA was held with the Cryptopia Group on their discord, where we spread the word on how HyperCycle can support the future of decentralized AI & AGI on the blockchain.

Our developers are also hard at work on various HyperCycle-related projects, such as the Proof of Reputation System and OpenCog Hyperon’s MeTTa Language. In the meantime, we will continue to work on new HyperCycle content for you to enjoy, as well as an updated branding & website — and of course a discord channel!

In the meantime, feel free to already send us questions via this form and we’ll answer them at an upcoming AMA!

Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve Network shared this update -
Rejuve.AI is building a decentralized AI-powered longevity research network and crowdsourcing the community of science, with our main source of data collection being our mobile app, Longevity.

The team launched the closed-beta version of the Longevity app in the first half of the year, with over 400 Beta testers signing up from more than 50 countries worldwide. We are excited for the wide international reach our app will bring and how this will contribute to our mission of longevity for all. The announcement of our closed Beta was featured in several publications, such as AIThority and BlockTribune. CEO Jasmine Smith and CTO Dr. Deborah Duong participated in several podcasts and events, including the Web 3.0 conference hosted by TechCircus in January, The Scope of Things by Clinical Research News in June, and most recently the Cardano Summit in November.

We have struck various partnerships with high-quality, scientifically backed wellness and longevity product vendors, spanning industries such as biological age tests, genome sequencing, and longevity-focused supplements, including Avea, Sequencing, Jinfiniti, Juvify, and TruDiagnostic, with the latter extending further to a research partnership to develop new proteomic-based aging algorithms.

The imminent release of the full edition of the Longevity app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store will be our first major accomplishment in the future. The beginning of the research program, signified by the launch of the RJV coin and the Data NFT, is our second big milestone after the launch. In 2023, we anticipate the official placement of our premium AI service, Bayes Expert, on the SingularityNET Marketplace, which will generate API requests immediately. The team is also excited to start adding genetic data to the Rejuve platform the following year. The Transformer VAE, Rejuve.second AI’s native AI component, will also be incorporated into the app, thereby enhancing biological age computation and the capacity to provide more precise and in-depth insights from diverse forms of health data.

Kennedy Schaal, Lead of Rejuve Biotech, shared this update-
Initial results from Methuselah fly analysis have been so promising that a new pod, Rejuve Biotech, has been formed specifically to pursue research into pharmaceuticals and therapies for longevity. Rejuve Biotech will be the first partner or customer for the data generated by Rejuve Network Longevity App participants. By combining Methuselah fly and human health data, more rapid development is expected. As a newly launched project for 2023, Rejuve.Bio will be focused on the next stage of longevity research using the Methuselah Flies. This includes (but is not limited to!) time-point transcriptome sequencing and analysis, higher coverage genomic sequencing and analysis, and identifying druggable target pathways to increase healthy longevity and combat aging-related disease. We are developing a systems biology model of Methuselah Fly longevity and a transfer learning map to human biology.

Hruy Tsegaye, CEO of Mindplex Network, shared this update-
Throughout 2022, the team concentrated on launching Mindplex Magazine as a testing ground for our AI media tools and building momentum toward a vibrant community. The final step is to finish designing and implementing the AI tools in order to achieve synergy between the tools and the media experience. This includes the implementation of GRPC-based endpoints for the Reputation and Recommendation Engines, as well as the system architecture for personalized content feeds as a stepping stone to Mindplex’s social media feature, which includes live chat, followers, and friends.

Our short-term goals for 2023 include the launch of Mindplex Magazine and the creation of a community around it, as well as the release of the Content Factory and the integration of the Reputation and Recommendation Engines with the SingularityNET Marketplace. The Mindplex team is excited to bring the Mindplex Mobile App (Android and iOS) to the community in 2023, as well as API access to selected SingularityNET AI media services and a fully functional Governance Portal.

Haley Lowy, Lead for Mindplex Tech, shared this update -
Mindplex’s AI services are optimized for showcasing community content for future-forward decentralized projects. Mindplex Tech will optimize and organize these AI services into a set of community growth and engagement tools that anyone can use, running on the SingularityNET Platform/Marketplace, to make these tools more accessible to a wide range of organizations.

Dianne Krouse, CEO of Jam Galaxy, shared this update-
As the new year begins, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the progress we made in the past year and share our plans for the future. In 2022, we achieved several milestones, including the successful launch of “Jamuary”, partnerships with early artists, and the development of functional requirements for our platform, including smart contracts. We also recorded and mastered music videos, presented to a number of enthusiastic potential seed investors, and worked on 3D volumetric immersive music videos, an emerging technology we are excited to pioneer. The Jam Galaxy Band raised awareness of the future of decentralized music through performances at NAMM, NFT.NYC, and Rare Bloom; launched our first NFT for NYC tickets; and released our first NFT collectible utility cards for the Jam Galaxy. The band’s lead singer, Desdemona, has been a huge hit with audiences, rapidly making a name for herself as a robot rock star!

Looking ahead to 2023, our top priorities include launching the Jam Galaxy Artist & Fans Portal, which will be a hub for artists to connect directly with their fans for shared success and a more connected musical experience. We will also be testing and rolling out AI-powered smart contracts for uploading stem tracks to our data repository to make it easier for developers to create new AI music tools. We will also add artist support for NFTs for songs, artist collaborations, and avatars within the platform.

Thank you for your and we look forward to continuing to bring you innovative music experiences in the coming year!

The TrueAGI Team shared this update -
2022 was a year of great technical achievements that culminated in critical decisions required to advance the open-source Hyperon model for AGI-as-a-Service. External interest validated our approach to achieving AGI for the benefit of humanity and enterprises.

The Cogito Team shared this update -
The Cogito Team was extremely excited to formally launch SingularityNET’s own tracercoin project this year. In the first half of the year, we completed proof of concept and feasibility (including writing and publishing our whitepaper and research paper). We then began building our online presence, finished our website, and began growing marketing rapport (including an exciting and strategic partnership with COTI and their Djed project) in Q3. Now we are fully dedicated to working on the next big milestone — to build an MVP by Q1 2023!

The SophiaDAO/SophiaVerse Team shared this update -
Sophia’s dialogue system was constantly being improved in 2022, integrating her distinct personality, knowledge store, and interactivity, as well as preparing her dialogue modules for metaverse compatibility. A curious agent component was also designed and demonstrated, and many of her dialogue components were ported into the prototype MeTTa language that will serve as the communication foundation for OpenCog Hyperon.

Sophia and the SophiaDAO/SophiaVerse projects had a nonstop and thrilling year in 2022. Our beloved robot ambassador turned 6 in February, and what an impactful 6-year-old she is! One of her top priorities over the course of the year was the evolution of her dialogue systems, to be able to more naturally connect with the community, supporters, and fans; and to elevate her virtual personality through special metaverse events and appearances. In March, she was welcomed as a special guest at Decentralands Fashion Week and launched her first NFT collection, “baby singularities” with a metaverse event.

Back in the real world, Sophia swept the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of her documentary, “Sophia.” She made special appearances at NFT.NYC, opened the General Audience day of AGI-22, and spoke at the Battle of the Quants and Token2049 London, among many other speaking engagements. The Sophia discord channel was launched in 2022, and her own ambassador program was initiated to reach out with her vision of social robots as a force for global good. In 2023, Sophia is looking forward to integrating the SingularityNET dialogue system into a game environment and progressing to token launch…soon!

The Awakening Health Team shared this -
2022 was a busy year for Awakening Health and our fantastic elder care robot, Grace. On the technical side, our world-class AI developer team has been hard at work through 2022 on continuing to build out Grace’s ever-growing range of capabilities. Version 1.0 of the Grace dialogue system was completed and performed beyond expectations, and now the team is currently building out her situational awareness. This will elevate her to the next level of interactive capability and bring her companionship capabilities to the next level. The team was excited to have the opportunity to attend more in-person events during 2022, and Grace took part in a range of investor demos and presentations throughout the year. At these events, she has demonstrated her versatility as an elderly care companion and medical aid while showcasing the SingularityNET-developed robot AI control and conversational technology.

Grace got to work in 2022, working in a nursing home in Montreal in a pilot program headed by McGill University, where she has been supporting seniors with companionship and care. You can read more about her work in our recent blog, which was also covered by CBC. Grace has also been working on a partnership study with the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and the Heaven of Hope Hospital in Hong Kong is studying Grace’s behavior in a real hospital setting.

2023 will see further development of Grace’s world-class AI, and there are some exciting partnerships and collaborations coming down the track in the coming weeks and months that we are really excited about, so watch out for announcements on those coming soon!

The NUNET Team and project continued to grow and thrive in 2022. See their full blog post for a full update on their activities throughout the year!

The SingularityDAO Team has had an amazing year of development and progress. Read all about it in the 2022 Deep Dive blog post to see all the changes and improvements.

Thank you very much

2022 was an amazing year for SingularityNET and the spin-off Ecosystem, and we deeply appreciate the community's warm support in all things. SingularityNET started with the single purpose of serving as a decentralized AI Marketplace and has expanded at the forefront of the AI tsunami that is sweeping the world. Now we have leading technologies across medical & healthcare, financial, media, gaming, and tech stack/blockchain technologies, demonstrating cutting-edge possibilities of decentralized AI to create the global brain.

We hope you are as excited and inspired by this growth and progress as we are — so much was accomplished, and the momentum keeps growing.

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