SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: September 2022

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15 min readOct 7, 2022

Greetings Singularitarians!

This month we’re excited to bring news from SingularityNET’s close and growing collaboration with the Cardano ecosystem, including Rare Bloom details and successful proposals from Catalyst Fund9, and recap of the recorded project updates from the “Inside SingularityNET” video, a summary of the September partnership announcements, and other global events that SingularityNET had the honor to participate in this month.

Let's get started!

· SingularityNET is gearing up for the Rare Bloom event
· Cardano 5th Birthday 🥳🎂
· Catalyst Fund9 Results
· “Inside SingularityNET” Recorded Project Updates, Recap
· SingularityNET Partnerships:
SingularityNET and Smart Places Partner to Focus on Social Interaction
SingularityNET and Hedge Announce Partnership On AML Compliance
· Ecosystem Events Roundup:
OpenCog AGI Discussion, Sept 21
Ben and Sophia at The “Battle of the Quants”
Ben Goertzel At “Token 2049 — Singapore”
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SingularityNET is gearing up for a big cross-chain splash at the Rare Bloom event

SingularityNET is excited to join many of the top Cardano projects at the Rare Bloom event in Colorado USA in October. SingularityNET will feature several keynote speakers from around the ecosystem— Ben, Marcello, Kabir, and Toufi Saliba of HyperCycle will all be talking on the main stage.

SingularityNET, HyperCycle, SingularityDAO, NuNet, and Jam Galaxy will also all have booths at the event, showing the amazing variety of projects within the ecosystem, and how decentralized AI is changing the blockchain landscape. SingularityNET projects will strengthen the Cardano ecosystem, and the Cardano ecosystem plays a key role in enabling a truly decentralized, truly sustainable space for beneficial AI.

And as a special showcase, the whole Jam Galaxy Band, including Desi the robot on lead vocals and Ben on keyboards, will be performing at the Rare Bloom afterparty for the Cardano community.

Jam Galaxy is creating blockchain opportunities for artists to take back power over their creative economy and connect directly with their communities of fans — and this is the message the performance will share.

If you will be attending Rare Bloom, stop by the booths and say hi, we love the opportunity to hear how SingularityNET has impacted you, and how you hope to see the project impact the world. Check out the Rare Bloom event website to learn more about this event and how to book tickets.

If you can’t attend the event live, stay tuned for some very exciting news on how you may be able to participate anyways…

More to be shared during a Twitter Space going live Friday, October 7th at 16 UTC. Do join in!

SingularityNET would like to take a moment to wish Cardano a very happy 5th Birthday 🥳🎂

On September 28th the Cardano community celebrated their fifth anniversary; the blockchain has grown and come a long way in accomplishing its big vision!

To celebrate this milestone, Input Output Global penned a detailed blog post that takes us on a memory lane of Cardano’s spectacular journey.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global also thanked the global community of holders, stake pool operators, developers & creators, and entrepreneurs for their overwhelming support through this video.

The Cardano team has just implemented Plutus 2.0 language through the Vasil Hardfok event, yet another major milestone. Cardano is evolving from strength to strength with each passing year!

Catalyst Fund9 Results

Like the Deep Funding program for SingularityNET, Catalyst Funding has been a cornerstone of Cardano project development, seeding the ADA blockchain ecosystem with incredible projects. The latest funding round, Fund9, just ended, with a record number of votes and voters, showing the ever-growing and ever-evolving success of this experiment in decentralized funding.

Several proposals, integrating or benefiting the SingularityNET and ecosystem projects, were successful in their funding requests, with great enthusiasm and support from the SingularityNET and Cardano communities:

  • Catalyst Swarm & SingularityNET — a joint proposal for funding that will work to strengthen the connection between the decentralized community supporting Catalyst project formation and growth, with SingularityNET’s Ambassador program; funding growth, collaboration, and the flourishing of decentralized opportunities for the SingularityNET community to more directly contribute to growing the vision
  • Gov3 — DAO Delegation Dashboard — The Gov3 dashboard will be a portal to track delegated governance activities, e.g. proposal submissions. It will contain a variety of actionable insights to ensure safety & accountability. SingularityDAO is a pilot partner, and Gabriel Axel Montes (the lead for the Pathform spin-off, as well as a Jam Galaxy band member) is leading the project.
  • Rare Bloom Cardano Community Event — Funding support for the Rare Bloom event, which will feature SingularityNET keynotes, Jam Galaxy performance, and 5 ecosystem booths
  • Catalyst Swarm — DAO Tools — Including the development of blockchain-optimized Bounty Boards where blockchain decentralized organizations could make requests and provide incentives for completion, including supporting other projects, such as SWARM supporting SNET endeavors, or SNET supporting ecosystem outreach.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, grew, and learned, and a big round of applause to the funded projects — the Cardano ecosystem becomes more robust with every addition. Check out the full Fund9 results to see all of the amazing projects.

“Inside SingularityNET” Recorded Project Updates, Recap

This month’s recorded Pod Leader Meeting led by COO Janet Adams, was power-packed with momentum and growth from around the ecosystem. Here’s a Quick Glance:

  • The meeting started with a quick overview of the success of the AGI-22 conference, as shared by Janet, Haley Lowy, and Dr. Matt Iklé sharing their views.
  • Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO, updated that the new platform is in the Beta Testing phase and the launch is around the corner.
  • Michael Foley, COO of SingularityStudio, announced that they are rebranding SingularityStudio to SingularityAmplify.
  • Jon Horlings, VP of Product at SingularityNET, updated on Deep Funding, regarding their new governance experiment to better empower the community.

Check the entire “Inside SingularityNET” meeting on our YouTube channel to find our more details on individual project news.

Let’s Have a Quick Recap of the recorded updates:

During the “Inside SingulartyNET” video, the SinglarityNET teams shared the following updates:

Deep Funding: the Deep community is conducting a community governance experiment leading to an official vote on changes for Round 2. Some exciting updates to the portal were also shared:

  • The Deep Funding portal has integrated Web3 login for wallets, allowing the correlation of portal activity and voting behavior.
  • The Deep Funding Team will identify which profiles have been giving the best and most constructive input and use this to calculate a ‘reputation score’.
  • This reputation score will be used in two ways: first, profiles with higher reputations will get more voting weight. Secondly, the reputation score will be used to reward people for their contributions.

To incentivize participation in the governance experiment, 100,000 AGIX tokens will be distributed to the contributors, based on their reputation score. For more information on participating in this Governance Experiment, please check out the detailed blog post.

Community Ambassador Program:

The Ambassador program is going strong. As per the latest data, we have 25–30 active community members participating in work groups & meetings. If you want to join, do join the Discord server, Town Hall meetings take place every Tuesday at 18 UTC.

Marketing Team recorded updates on their outreach initiatives:

  • The team is working closely with the UI/UX team to complete the SingularityNET website redesign.
  • The newly redesigned website will be a big milestone with an optimized user experience and improve our overall branding, which powerfully communicates the story of SingularityNET as an ecosystem.
  • The team is preparing communications for the NFT launch for Jam Galaxy, and the upcoming magazine launch by Mindplex, working closely to lay out the specifics of product features and functions.
  • The Q3 operations update is in the works, including the report on decentralization and an update for end-of-year milestones.

Blockchain Team:

Our developers are beginning to shift sections of SingularityNET Platform features from Ethereum to Cardano. The team has also been supporting the spin-off ecosystem in their blockchain development.

  • Rejuve.AI project data NFTs and other blockchain integrations are in the final stages.
  • For Jam Galaxy, the Blockchain team is mulling over the potential for multi-chain offerings, to utilize the strengths of the various chains for different service needs.
  • The team has designed and demonstrated the NFT system that will be offered by the Jam Galaxy platform — how it would meet the needs of musicians, and allow NFT trades leveraging the existing contracts.
  • Mindplex work has been ongoing to link all the contracts together and work with our security partners to audit our contracts.
  • Finally, the Blockchain team is working on integrating the model training feature recently implemented on the Platform.

Engineering Team is making great strides toward substantial feature updates to the platform, which will reflect soon.

  • They are coordinating with security partners to audit staking contracts.
  • The team is partnering closely with Cardano’s Hydra implementation teams to bring an optimal version of the Platform onto the Cardano blockchain.
  • The groundwork is being laid for the foundations of the Platform integrations and implementation and design discussions are ongoing. Like the development of the Converter bridge on Cardano, the unique features of Cardano’s fundamental blockchain design require certain design innovations to implement in an optimized fashion.
  • Another big update, the engineering team is ready with the loyalty rewards portal; as soon as all details are finalized, an announcement will be made and the portal opened.

Along with these SingularityNET team updates, the spin-off projects shared the following:


The team is carefully analyzing beta tester feedback and upgrades to the App in anticipation of launching the full app in Q4. Some highlights of the app updates in progress:

  • The “Task” feature of the App is being reorganized.
  • Integration with Garmin, and Oura Ring as announced in July.
  • Partnership with Genescient Corporation for research on ‘methuselah flies’ which has enormous benefit for the Rejuve.AI Project in genetic research via transfer learning.
  • SingularityNET’s and Hedge partnership will support Rejuve.AI with collaboration on KYC.
  • Finally, Rejuve.AI secured several partner vendors for the Longevity App Rewards Store.


The new & updated platform testing & auditing by security consultants and the community of beta testers is done and the dApp is ready for launch.

  • The UI/UX experience has been completely overhauled — new branding, logo, look and feel.
  • The DynaLab section was released, which includes the much-anticipated dynDYDX. This DynaSet will utilize advanced trading strategies capable of taking long and short-leveraged positions.
  • Contributions to DynaSets will open October 11th 12:00 UTC+0 for two weeks before trading begins, for more details see this blog post.

Awakening Health:

The team has initiated two exciting pilot studies, where Grace robots will get more opportunities to interact with real patients:

  • McGill University in Montreal is heading one pilot program. Working with issues around physical, mental, and emotional loneliness in senior care. Grace will be a vital component of studying seniors’ technology-assisted behavioral interventions with the human touch.
  • Hong Kong University of Science & Technology also initiated a partnership study with Grace.
  • A premier AI research team at Heaven of Hope hospital in Hong Kong is studying Grace’s behavior in a real hospital setting.

OpenCog Hyperon:

The team is finalizing type systems in the MeTTa language.

  • Individuals from the MeTTa group have commenced experimenting and implementing it for various cases.
  • Results are very encouraging, and the team is feeling very positive and excited by the progress.
  • The backend team has customization & modulation in the language as their top priority. They have begun with the ease of deployment and extraction of the standard library so that more people can use it easily.
  • Finally, OpenCog Hyperon is considering more advanced, more AGI-ish problems and use cases for further development of MeTTa.


SingularityStudio has been working to rebrand itself to SingularityAmplify to reflect its evolving mission: AMPLIFYING TOWARDS BENEVOLENT DECENTRALIZED AI, by creating and nurturing a thriving ecosystem that brings together a diverse set of emerging technology companies. This includes:

  • Collaborating with organizations of diverse sizes & complexities to help them expand.
  • Building a thriving ecosystem of emerging tech companies, spin-offs, partners & Blockchain service providers to collaborate, communicate, and share knowledge.
  • Supporting the SingularityNET team to develop decentralized human capital, draw up talent from the SingularityNET community, and match up the growing needs of spin-offs, ecosystem partners, and clients, including gigs, projects, and full-time employment support.

TWIN Protocol:

The TWIN team is creating digital twins using AI to help Cognify a person with knowledge.

  • TWIN Protocol is making great progress in creating its Proof of Concept.
  • The PoC in development is being shared with its partners & clients, and investors.
  • TWIN Protocol has been actively performing client outreach to scale up and run several investor symposiums and conversations.

Visit the official Twin Protocol Linkedin page to see several Twin Protocol videos, showing the system.

Jam Galaxy:

The Jam Galaxy team is preparing for several exciting opportunities, that will be the first opportunities for the community to get involved. Upcoming events include:

  • The first Jam Galaxy NFT series will feature 3 different Desdemona Robot NFTs, in the form of tarot cards.
  • The NFTs will have several interesting utility functions, allowing owners to be involved in special levels of participation with Desi, the band, and the platform…and the more cards you collect, the more the benefits will stack.
  • The Jam Galaxy Band will appear and perform at the Cardano Rare Bloom conference in Denver on the 14th-15th of October.
  • Shortly afterward they will be releasing their first single; Like A Wasp.
  • The new CTO of Jam Galaxy, Tony Mann is busy creating the Artist portal on the Jam Galaxy website with the help of Sergey Shalyapin’s team.

This is a big leap forward for all of us involved in Jam Galaxy because it will mean that artists can finally have their music and content up on the website!


Sophia’s AI team has been working on two key aspects:

  • First is the extensional adoption of Grace’s dialogue system to Sophia
  • The dialogue system is moving toward a more AGI solution, utilizing MeTTa. Team SophiaVerse is experimenting with neural-symbolic approaches to resolve major problems associated with the current dialogue system.
  • The team is implementing Hyperon for knowledge representation and mediation of input & output questions together with DNS.

Mindplex Magazine:

The Mindplex Magazine will be launched alongside the official Mindplex podcast, hosted by Ben Goertzel, Lisa Rein, and Grace or Desdemona Robot, depending on the guest.

  • The Mindplex Podcast will ponder AGI, cutting-edge technologies, and the evolution of human consciousness, interviewing a wide variety of interesting thinkers — both human and synthetic — to investigate and better understand the complex topics of our time as we learn to shape technologies that will assist us in bringing about a Benevolent Singularity.
  • Each show will feature questions and commentary generated by either Grace Robot or Desdemona Robot. They share the same neural network while generating unique comments and questions based on their unique personality traits.
  • The first podcast episode will feature the great Science Fiction author David Brin.


The teams have entered an active phase of development on the project, alongside Cardano’s Hydra development team.

  • The learnings and practices being gained from work on building the Jam Galaxy project on Cardano will translate into HyperCycle building, through a deeper understanding of the Cardano blockchain underpinnings.
  • This project work will help accelerate the development of the HyperCycle project, as it is taking shape.


  • The project recently announced an Earndrop program and has released the list of chosen SPOs.
  • An update to the NuNet website is in the works, as well as a new information hub for all up-to-date project information.
  • NuNet has also created and launched a more user-friendly version of their whitepaper.
  • Significant developments have been made this month by the development team on all projects. View project updates on GitLab and the monthly update blog on medium.
  • NuNet is excited to be attending the Rare Bloom event being organized by the Cardano community. Read more about NuNet’s Rare Bloom plans.

Subscribe and hit the bell button on Nunet’s YouTube channel to be alerted of new videos!

SingularityNET Partnerships:

SingularityNET and Smart Places Partner to Focus on Social Interaction

Smart Places — “A Free Speech Oriented Social Ecosystem That Rewards Users for Connecting & Interacting” — and SingularityNET come together to bring the power of decentralized AI to the world of social media. Both will collaborate for AI content moderation for content published on the Smart Places social media platform. Also, both will work closely to drive geolocation-based social media to the next level.

Here’s the blog post with all the details to learn more about this partnership.

SingularityNET and Hedge Announce New Partnership To Focus On AML Compliance

Hedge — “An Integrated Regtech & Complete Aml Compliance Suite That Support Businesses to Align With Compliance Requirements Through a Single Interface” — will assist SingularityNET to meet FinCrime, AML KYC & Regulatory requirements.

This partnership will also support other ecosystem spin-offs, including SingularityDAO, Rejuve.AI, NuNet, and more. SingularityNET and Hedge together will supervise the development, coordination & implementation of AI-driven FinCrime solutions, allowing the Hedge team to scale their AI models.

Please see the official partnership announcement blog post to see more about how our companies plan to support one another in growth.

Ecosystem Events Roundup:

OpenCog AGI Discussion, Sept 21

The AGI Discussion Forum is a technical yet informal virtual meeting that connects the OpenCog Hyperon team and other AGI researchers — bringing together thinkers, designers, and new ideas. It is a (roughly) biweekly event, and on September 21, the discussion forum featured Dr. Alex Ororbia, from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

He expressed his thoughts on the subject “Brain Inspired Computing: Going Beyond Backpropagation of Errors.” There was a large group of AGI researchers in attendance, who struck up a very lively conversation around Dr. Ororbia’s research directions and results — they are very promising for sparse data, and creating AI systems that are more capable than benchmark ML/NN on a wider variety of complex tasks.

Per Dr. Ororbia: “In this talk, I will discuss an emerging and promising sub-domain of statistical learning research known as brain-inspired computing, which focuses on developing artificial neural models and credit assignment algorithms that draw inspiration from what is currently known about the operation of biological neurons and human brains in general.

Starting from the popular backpropagation of errors (backprop) procedure used to train modern-day deep neural networks, I will discuss its various biological criticisms and practical shortcomings to then turn towards backpropagation-free methodology, including processes such as recirculation, local representation alignment, contrastive Hebbian learning, wake-sleep, and predictive processing.”

Dr. Ororbia presented a paper at the AGI-22 conference — you can watch the video overview of the paper for some additional background.

A full recording of the presentation and the ensuing conversation is available on the new OpenCog Hyperon YouTube channel, so you can see this insightful look into backprop alternative algorithms for yourself.

Ben and Sophia at The “Battle of the Quants”

The Battle of the Quants event was held in London on September 27th and was attended by Ben Goertzel and Sophia (don’t let the suit jacket fool you — that is Ben in the photograph, not a corporate lookalike!).

The annual event is a quantitative discussion space for data providers, managers, and data buyers seeking decision-makers, investment opportunities, and industry influencers. This event is in its seventh year, and Ben was invited as a keynote speaker, discussing how AI will affect big data, with Sophia illustrating the rapid advances AI is taking toward complex data modeling.

Ben Goertzel At “Token 2049 — Singapore”

Ben Goertzel, Marcello Mari, and Sophia’s also attended TOKEN2049 Singapore — the biggest flagship event of Asia Crypto Week.

It was an exciting success for the entire SingularityNET ecosystem, as Ben introduced the audience to our mission of decentralized, benevolent AIs & AGI and the ecosystem's growth and progress.

The event’s attendees were excited to talk with SingularityNET attendees at the booth which featured the SingularityNET, HyperCycle, SingularityDAO, and SophiaVerse projects. Attendees were especially excited to meet and have an opportunity to photograph themselves with Sophia in the booth.

And that sums up all which happened in September! Thanks for your attention and support.

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