Wasn’t I, Rotto. | Photo Credit Sandi Parsons


In Case You Were Wondering

Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Freestyle

2 min readJun 12, 2022


I didn’t flip that chair over

Yes, I was sleeping in the chair moments ago. But I, Rotto, I’m firmly pointing the paw at her, Chilli.

It happened like this. I was sleeping in the chair, minding my own business. I, Rotto, love a good snooze in the chair. I was having the best dream. I was in the park chasing balls and having a Rott ‘n’ roll, then …


Out of nowhere, something hefty dropped onto me. My dream dissipated and her, Chilli, she was on top of me.

I, Rotto, I’m not a fan of being squashed, so I promptly got down. I, Rotto am a good boy.

Then her, Chilli, she started barking up a storm. So I raced to the door to check it out.

  • Was it that postie on his motorcycle who likes to touch MY letterbox?
  • Was the house under attack from a thousand swarming bees?
  • Was it a Zombie invasion? (I’ve seen those dirty rotten walkers on the TV and I, Rotto am ready if they ever invade.)
  • Drop bears? You’ve gotta watch out for them where I live.



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