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Mindfulness with Rotto

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Collecting Smiles”

2 min readNov 29, 2022


I sit. I bake. I contemplate.

I, Rotto, like a good sit in the sun.

I, Rotto, am mindful that the sun is nice and hot and warms me. And so I bake. (Sunbake, that is, not cake baking. However, I’m not opposed to a good cake. Although, I, Rotto, do prefer the eating part to the baking part. But I digress…)

And while I sit and bake, I Rotto, contemplate all that is good in the world.


  • Sitting in the hot sun
  • Eating
  • Sleeping in the sun
  • Eating
  • My peoples
  • Eating

There’s only one problem with my sun baking. I, Rotto, am getting a tan on one side of my belly. One side is nearly brown, and the other is lily white. And it makes my people laugh.

Which makes me smile.

I, Rotto, I’m all about collecting smiles.

Thanks for reading, Rotto🐾🐾

Rotto is a three-year-old (almost four-year-old!) Staffy Kelpie cross.
He lives with his two favorite



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