Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons


The Slow Invasion of Holes

Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Freestyle

2 min readJun 25, 2022


I didn’t dig that impressive hole

It started slowly at first. Just the odd hole here and there.

Not your normal everyday backyard hole. These are big holes.

I, Rotto, I’m pretty impressed with some of them. These holes are grand. A little Rott could get lost if I fell down one.

One morning, I, Rotto, was trotting down the footpath with one of my people in tow, when a head popped up from INSIDE the hole. I, Rotto, stopped and gave a good sniff in the head’s direction. My back leg twitched …

Then my person said, “Don’t you even THINK about it, Rotto.”

I, Rotto, wasn’t impressed. How do my peoples always know what I’m thinking? But I, Rotto, I digress. Back to the holes …

In the beginning, the holes were at the furthest end of my Rott-trot. But I noticed them creeping closer and closer to my house. Someone put little cages around the holes to stop them from spreading. Still, the holes appeared. The hole-pox spread to cover nearly the entire neighbourhood.

Luckily, my street remained safe.



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