A dog on hi sback mid roll
Photo Credit | Sandi Parsons


When You’ve Got an Itch, There’s Only One Thing To Do

Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Freestyle

2 min readJun 5, 2022


It’s time to Rott ‘n’ roll!

There’s nothing I, Rotto, like better than a Rott ‘n’ roll.

In the mornings, I, Rotto, have a big stretch. Then I drop onto the carpet in the lounge room and Rott ‘n’ roll.

I Rott ‘n’ roll HARD!

Her Chilli, sometimes she tries to copy me. But she can’t Rott ‘n’ roll like me. She’s all legs flying about in the air like a cow stuck on its back. Then she flops down on her side like a beached whale.

I, Rotto, I look elegant. Like I’m doing the twist on my back.

When I’ve got all my itches sorted, I, Rotto, play dead. When my people ask, “Do you think Rotto is dead?” I know I have them fooled. My back leg shakes a little, but I keep up my pose.

Then TA-DA!

I spring to my feet. Not dead! Everyone is always surprised. Especially her, Chilli.

My Rott ‘n’ roll starts differently when I’m out on my Rott-trot. I drop onto my belly and slide through the grass. I love how it tickles my tummy. Then I flip over and Rott ‘n’ roll.



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