Anima Toolkit for Sketch

Launch a website, Design Responsively & Create Animations

We believe designers should own design all the way to production.

Today’s tools help you communicate with developers. 
Using our tools, designers can now take control of User Interface. 
No coding, but with a new generation of visual tools.

Imagine having coding skills, without the need to code. That’s what Anima is all about.

Anima Toolkit

Work right inside Sketch, on your existing designs, using our Sketch plugin.

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Launchpad — You design, we put it on the web.

Launchpad allows you to publish responsive websites, directly from Sketch.
No need to code. Simply connect your domain, or export HTML + CSS pack.

Made with Launchpad, no coding.

Read more on Launchpad docs, or start with a tutorial.

Auto-Layout — Design responsively.

Design once for multiple screen sizes. Pin layers, stack it, and more. 
Auto-Layout tools also work on your Launchpad websites.

Read more on Auto-Layout docs.

Timeline — Create beautiful animations.

Create keyframes like using slides, drag & drop layers, add curves, and eventually export a GIF or an MP4 file, compatible with all platforms.

Get started with this tutorial, learn more on Timeline docs.
Want css animation? Read our Secret Plan ;)

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