Padding for Nested Symbols in Sketch with Anima

Anima Toolkit is a Sketch Plugin to convert Sketch designs to HTML. It also allows you to use Stacks & Pins for responsive layout, right inside Sketch.

Update: Turn it on from plugin menu. In older MacOS, Sketch might be less stable.

Two weeks ago we have introduced Padding in Sketch. This was an exciting addition:

Since the release of Padding, the number 1 request in our uservoice page is Nested Symbols support for Padding.

If you’re working with a Design System and adopted Atomic-design, it’s very clear why.

So today, we’re shipping the support for Nested Symbols 🎉

For example: You have a button symbol with padding, inside a post cell symbol, that has a stack and also has padding. 
Here’s how it looks with overrides:

Download Sample File

Learn more about how to use Padding here.

How to Update

If you already installed Anima Toolkit plugin, you’ll see an update in Sketch’s top-right corner. Remember to restart Sketch.

To download directly visit our changelog

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