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Welcome to the CX Labs.

Skycoin is proud to announce the debut of the new CX Labs project. CX is Skycoin’s general purpose programming language and has been in constant R&D since 2014. The integration of CX with the Skycoin blockchain is here, opening up a whole world of possibilities. As the most powerful and mature language ever created for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, CX is poised to take the cryptosphere by storm. Since CX is based on Golang it is not only simple enough to learn for professional developers and fledgling students alike but it’s also innately deterministic and as such is perfect for working with immutable data types. CX includes features such as the new paradigm of affordances, innate determinism, garbage collection, genetic programming, being both interpreted & compiled, and more. The functions and abilities of CX are vast, the language is powerful, and its tools are growing rapidly. Now you too can be part of it all, even earning Skycoin for your contributions.

CX Labs is your opportunity to pioneer the blockchain space by building the apps and dapps of the future using CX. What’s more is that you will even be rewarded for your contributions. Whether you want to remake a program used in your business, improve upon a mobile app, or reformulate a game you can’t put down, the possibilities are endless & now’s your chance.

A world of CX awaits.

Perhaps you want to utilize immutable objects in building a range of applications such as a completely uncensorable and private torrent tracker, a peer-to-peer file-sharing system, web storage dapp, social media platforms for the next generation, a brand new game where stats, items, & scores cannot be maliciously altered by players, a truly private and reliably encrypted messaging service, unalterable accounting or payroll software, a portfolio tracker, or anything else you can imagine. The opportunities are endless because of the innate power of CX. As CX matures we will see more powerful libraries and features added which will aid the ease of app creation, enabling more niche applications to be developed. Perhaps you can help create these libraries, tools, and features.

Are you a seasoned or aspiring programmer? Skycoin’s language was built with the syntax of Google’s Golang (Go) so it’ll be easier to learn than any other blockchain programming language. New to coding and programming? There are plenty of beginner’s Golang books in the world to teach you the basics, although Python is also recommended as a stepping stone if you are unsure where to start. Whether you’re familiar with or new to this world, the CX textbook is available for free ( & so you and your friends can start learning the language and creating the next generation of dapps immediately. There will be more books in the future which will each focus on using CX in a specific arena such as blockchain utilization, gaming, machine learning, and beyond.

CX Labs will continue to increase in scope and reach as we progress through the first months of running, refining, and further developing the system. Stay tuned for more updates on new initiatives incentivizing the growth of the project and its tools.

For now, check below to see how you can begin building, experimenting, and start earning in the CX Labs!

Join CX Labs on Telegram at Once you’ve joined, check out the pinned message and contact Lawful @Legitimvs for further info.

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