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Skycoin’s powerful new programming language explained

Marco Casino
Apr 30 · 3 min read
Casino, Brick Breaker, Crappy Ball, Snake and PacMan — some early Skycoin CX proof-of-concept games

Skycoin recently announced the launch of its CX Labs Project, giving everyone the opportunity to build decentralized applications using the world’s most powerful blockchain language, while also being financially rewarded for those efforts.

But what exactly is Skycoin CX? Here are seven key facts you need to know.

  1. CX is based on Golang, so it’s easy to learn but very flexible, with powerful features like genetic programming, machine learning, affordances, determinism, garbage collection, an object explorer, runtime serialization and stepping, as well as support for both interpreted and compiled code.
  2. Unlike basic “smart contract” languages (such as Ethereum’s Solidity), CX is a fully featured general-purpose language. This means you can use it to create anything that could be developed using a traditional language such as C++ or Golang. But you can also go above and beyond these languages by developing applications that integrate with Skycoin Fiber blockchains.
  3. CX is ideal for building apps that make use of immutable objects and ledgers. Examples include encrypted web storage, decentralized exchanges, private peer-to-peer file sharing systems, uncensorable social media or messaging platforms, and anonymous torrent services. Plus any type of game that involves collectible items or tracking of player statistics.
  4. CX incorporates many powerful libraries, including the CXO immutable objects system, the CXM Math Library, the CXFX graphics/gaming engine, OpenGL (an API for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics), and GLFW (a multi-platform library for OpenGL). This is just the start, with additional CX libraries under development.
  5. Due to the lightning speed of Skycoin Fiber, CX is the first blockchain language to offer 300 transactions per second, and block times as low as several milliseconds (depending on the chosen block size and the hardware supporting each application’s chain). Slow blockchains previously made it unfeasible to build compelling real-time blockchain games and apps (imagine playing a game where each interaction takes several seconds, as is the case today with platforms like Ethereum).
  6. Various proof-of-concept games have already been developed using Skycoin CX. These include PacMan, CrappyBall, Snake, Brick Breaker and Casino (comprising Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Dice).
  7. If you create a new desktop/mobile app, game, website, smart contract, or any other useful piece of code using CX, you could be financially rewarded for your contribution to the Skycoin ecosystem. Rewards include $2500 for the best program, $1500 for second place, and $300 for participation. Noteworthy contributors may also have the opportunity to engage with Skycoin’s core developers regarding potential ongoing employment.
Skycoin CXFX Graphics/Gaming Engine

Begin Your CX Journey Today

If you’d like to learn more about Skycoin CX, then simply join one (or all) of the CX discussion groups on Telegram listed below. You’ll find the community (known as Skyfleet) to be helpful and welcoming to newcomers.

So get started today, and it won’t be long before you’re experimenting, designing, coding, and even earning money using your new blockchain development skills!

Skyfleet Captain’s Log

Hear from the community behind the development of the new internet Skywire and the decentralized Skycoin economy that supports it!

Marco Casino

Written by

Skycoin supporter. Not a Skycoin employee. Visit for information on the Skycoin project.

Skyfleet Captain’s Log

Hear from the community behind the development of the new internet Skywire and the decentralized Skycoin economy that supports it!

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