Skycoin Rewards Program is LIVE!

Your Time is Your Window to Winning Skycoin!

Skycoin Rewards Program (SRP) Launch PARTY 🎉🎉

I’m happy to announce that the team behind SRP is ready to push our baby off the cliff and (Optimistically) see it soar into the $Sky above.

This project will morph and change into a beast that we’ll all love (Regardless of its deformities and teething problems) because it’s a project of the Skyfleet! You’ve all helped to test the systems we put in place, and going forward you will have more input into how SRP grows and changes. Not to mention this is your direct portal for helping Skycoin attain world dominance!

Make sure to read this article for a deeper understanding of SRP and check the pinned message in the SRP room. Subscribe to the Skyfleet Youtube channel to keep notified when we go live with the draw monthly. Not to mention it’s my channel and it makes me feel validated…

Alright, let’s get into the meat! (Or tofu… no judgement!)


  1. Articles about Skycoin: These must be submitted on Medium and your content will be rated based on the quality, message and length determining how many tickets are awarded.
  2. Youtube Videos about Skycoin: Get creative with your videos. Eg: break down the Skycoin ecosystem, create tutorials, document the process of learning CX or creating your first DAPP etc. Rated similar to articles.
  3. Skycoin Meetups: Host a meetup and get rewarded! Make sure to document the meetup, the more effort you put in the more tickets you’ll be awarded. (Rated on a case by case basis) For example: 
    Advertise it, give a presentation, present at an existing meetup, show us results or creative photos, give Skywire hardware tutorials, host a CX hackathon/meetup etc. Join the meetups room for more information on how to get started!
  4. SRP Banners: We’re creating a leveling system to gamify SRP. This is a good opportunity for our artistic creatives to earn tickets by creating badges using the instructions can be found in this article. (This will eventually be integrated with the SkyCreds System which is a personal rewards ladder)
  5. Skycoin Relevant 3D Prints: Must contain some Skycoin branding (name, or logo ect. etc.). It doesn’t have to be original, you can rework. all submissions MUST be added to Thingiverse Skycoin group, then submitted in the SRP room. We’ll be awarding a max of 20 tickets per submission, join the 3D printing room to get started. You will also get 10 tickets for a 3D printed battle bot, find out more here.
  6. CX Labs Submissions: Create CX apps that interact with the Skycoin Fiber blockchain and submit them in the CX Labs for your chance to win $1,000s. Submissions that get the participation award are also given 20 SRP tickets.

Skyfleet Is a Lifestyle!

  1. The Skycoin Rewards Program is built on the idea that people from all corners of the globe can collectively participate in the expansion of Skycoin. Creativity, individualism and participation are encouraged, if this doesn’t fit who you are, come back when it does!
  2. It’s imperative the content you submit is yours and yours alone, at Skycoin we believe in rewarding and recognising those who put in the effort.
  3. The judges have hundreds of submissions to evaluate. Please understand we’re looking at quality and effort put into content, and tickets will be awarded based on this; not the number of submissions.
  4. Skycoin reserves the right to withhold tickets and or disqualify you from the contest if you’re deemed by the Skyfleet to be unsavable.

There will likely be updates to these guidelines as we mature so be sure to read the pinned message in the SRP room when prompted.

Ps. Individual Cred will be reset upon launching the SkyCred personal rewards ladder in a few months. This means badges will be reset too… don’t get too attached!

Thanks to Professor Kubyashi, Caribou, Daken, Recogito and Joel The Man for making SRP what it is. Lot’s of work to go… but pats on the back and beers all round team!

*** Skycoin reserves the right to change any of the information and rules detailed above. We will be sure to notify you if this is the case. ***