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Happy New Year!

All of us at Slackjaw are back from winter break. We’re refreshed and ready to read your humor submissions.

If you have some premise-driven humor writing you’d like to publish, email us a draft link!

Submission guidelines are here.

Also, we’ve updated our resources for writers page…

Free resources for writers

The Joke Writing Cheat Sheet: A simple guide that helps you identify scores of jokes on any topic. The sheet is from The Onion co-founder, and head of the How To Write Funny online university, Scott Dikkers. Grab the joke writing cheat sheet here.

No Dikkering Around (Substack): “Creative tips, inspiration, and motivation in your inbox every morning.” Smart, daily comedy writing advice from Scott Dikkers. Recommended! Subscribe here.

The Ultimate Humor Writing Cheatsheet: This is a handy 14-page PDF guide with my best tips on writing premise-driven humor and publishing it in Slackjaw and other humor publications. Check it out!

Chill Subs: Looking for more publishing opportunities? From friend of Slackjaw, Benjamin Davis, Chill Subs helps you to get published, promote your work, and grow as a creative. They also run the Sub Club Substack.

Also, here are two online courses for humor writers…

Online courses

Scott Dikker’s How To Write Funny: Scott is not just the founding editor of The Onion, he was also The Onion’s owner and editor-in-chief for much of the last quarter-century and is the #1 New York Times best-selling (co-)author of Our Dumb Century and How to Write Funny. This is Scott’s signature course on comedy writing. If you are looking for a comprehensive humor writing education, this is it.

Scott Dikker’s Comedy Business School — How to make comedy writing your paying career! A deep, challenging course and curriculum for those looking to go pro.

You can always find these resources on our Resources for Writers page, and we’ll add more resources as we find them.



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