Celebrating Diversity at Roehampton

Two amazing events and seven great societies which celebrate Roehampton’s rich cultural mix.

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Roehampton University is in the heart of South-West London so it should come as no surprise that the BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) community represents more than 50% of the student population. As time progresses, BAME students are making their voices heard around campus through proudly celebrating their roots, sharing their cultural knowledge and showcasing their creativity.

Equality and Diversity, is one of the university’s core policies and a committee has been appointed to promote a fair environment throughout the academic year for staff members and pupils. Here’s a rundown of key events in 2016/2017, which are set to become annual events…

AUTUMN: October is Black History Month and The Annual BAME Leaders Conference

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October is Black History Month, which sees events throughout the campus honour the culture, heritage and achievements of black men and women throughout history.

One of the key events is the ‘BAME Leaders Conference’ held in Monte Hall, hosted by Roehampton’s Student Union (RSU). In 2016, almost 200 students and staff members attended the conference to hear the inspirational stories of English Rapper and Activist, Akala who headlined the event alongside Yemi Gbajobi, CEO of two UK Student Unions.

The central purpose of the conference is to encourage students of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority groups (BAME) to follow their dreams and envision themselves as future leaders of the world.

In between the talks workshops were held to help students improve their leadership skills and develop a better understanding of their own leadership styles.

Mobo award-winner and younger brother of rapper/vocalist Ms. Dynamite, Akala gave an exceptional speech based on untold stories from Britain’s Black History, including the fact that during the Tutor times one of the King’s personal assistants was of African descent.

Brandon Campbell — Photo Credit: Roehampton Student Union (RSU)

Brandon Campbell, the Ethnic Equality Officer (2016/2017) who was one of the event organisers says, “I think implicitly the speeches from the guest speakers were impactful because people learned something from it whether they were White, Asian or Black.”

“But I think black students definitely learned something about themselves and their unique hybrid Black British culture.”

“We all have skills and assets and sometimes we look down upon them because we don’t see anyone else that we can aspire to.”

“I hope it will set a seed in the minds of black students and BAME students in general that the world is basically your oyster if you actualise your potential,” he adds.

Keep an eye out for the 2017 Black History Month celebrations at Roehampton it’s bound to be BIGGER and BETTER!

Follow the RSU to get announcements on events taking place on campus….

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SUMMER: The Afro-Caribbean Society Summer Ball

The Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS) celebrates both African and Caribbean cultures through a series of events and activities. Its mission is to ‘Empower, Entertain and Engage’.

In May 2017, the society held its first Summer Ball. A black tie affair, guests showed up in sharp tuxedos and stylish evening dresses. The menu showcased the best of Caribbean Cuisine from curry goat and rice and peas to mac n’ cheese and plantain, followed by guest DJs getting the party started around 10pm.

Summer Ball Promoter, Babatunde Adegbindin Alawiye says, “We wanted students of different ethnicities and nationalities to get glammed up and experience our culture and see how we have fun.”

Charity Yaotey, the President of ACS (2016/2017) said “We’d like the ball to become a part of ACS tradition and next year we are thinking of teaming up with other London universities to host a huge ACS ball, so that we can attract more people to come along.”

Throughout the year, ACS also hosts a series of mini events such as cinema nights, trips to Thorpe Park and took part in a national university Game Show called the ‘Big Clash’. The society also hosts debates to provide an open space for people to discuss the Black Lives Matters movement and other issues the community faces.

To keep up with ACS’s latest news and events, follow them on social media….

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Six more societies celebrating our global cohort

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Afghan Society: This society is open to anyone who wants to understand Afghan affairs, culture and history through fundraising events and discussions.

B.A.M.E Society: The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Group society, is on a mission to fight prejudice and myths about its communities skin hue, hair/hairstyles, clothes, accents, cultures and religions.

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Bhangra Society: The Bhangra society aims to teach students a Punjabi culture-based dance. Its classes run for 2-hours every week.

The Hispanic Society: This society welcomes anyone who wants to improve his or her Spanish and experience Hispanic culture through cooking, language exchange, salsa and movie nights.

Facebook: Hispanic Society Roehampton

Japanese Culture and Anime Society: The JCAA society hosts weekly screenings of anime and organises at least one or two outings each month on Japanese cultural themed events. Members can practice their Japanese with each other.

Facebook: Roehampton Japanese Culture and Anime Society (JCAA)

The Somali Society: This club aims to introduce the Somali culture to other ethnic groups. Check out their social feeds to find out more.

Twitter: @RoeSomaliSoc

Snapchat: @RoeSomaliSoc

Instagram: @RoeSomSoc

Written by Naomie Touré Samarou

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