Launches Referrals, Rewards and Mobile Support! &
2 min readOct 20, 2021


We are happy to announce the launch of Release 1.1.1!

The new features of Release 1.1.1 are:

  • Referral and rewards program
  • Metamask login
  • Better mobile support
  • WalletConnect support
  • The onboarding is part of the main application
  • Widgets and plugins
Release 1.1.1 is available!

Referral and Rewards Program

The affiliates can now place the referral links or our widgets on their websites.

  • Affiliates will earn half of the loan origination fees plus
  • 25 SMARTCREDIT tokens when their users are doing the first loans

Borrowers will earn 50 SMARTCREDIT when they undertake their first loan of more than USD 1’000.

Metamask Login now has Metamask login or respective WalletConnect based login.

Better Mobile Support

The is now much easier to use on mobile.

WalletConnect Support

Additionally, WalletConnect support is available — users can now connect directly with their mobile wallets.

Widgets and Plugins has the following widgets:

  • Loan Calculator — a borrower can calculate the loan details depending on his collateral, assets, and loan term (i.e., how much interest he has to pay and how much his collateral ratio is).
  • Borrowing widget — the borrower can borrow directly from the widget.
  • Lending widget — the lender can create his FIFs directly from the widget.

The widgets exist in two formats:

  • JavaScript’s widgets — integration requires 8 lines of JavaScript
  • WordPress’s plugins — integration requires 1 line on WordPress

The affiliate needs to register in; he will find his referral code in the “Profile ⇒ Referrals” section, and he needs to use this referral code in the widget or plugin.

Claiming of the Rewards

The affiliates have to log in to and claim their rewards via the “Profile ⇒ Rewards” section.

Additional Information

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