6 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Code

Miha Fabjan
Aug 9, 2018 · 5 min read

Did you ever wish you would learn to code so you would be able to quit a lame job you have and start working in some cool tech startup? You know, the one that allows their employees to work remotely and pays them very well?

All the co-workers look so amazing and they all seem to have fun while working there. Too good to be true? It might be. But here are the 6 reasons why you really should learn how to code and change your life for the better.

You Can Quit Your Job

Did you know that the average person spends 90.000 hours of their life working?

Do you also know that 80% of people say that don’t like their job? It’s true. Are you one of them?

So what stops you from finding a better job? With being an adult comes responsibility. You might have a family and mortgage to pay so a steady income is an important factor to keep your life standard.

But there is another way. What if you have a skill that companies fight for? One of those skills is coding. With that skill, you will be able to find a job that fits your “perfect job” dream. Or maybe you’d want to work independently, as a freelancer. So you can choose projects that you like and excite you. Coding Skills == Freedom.

You Will Make More Money

The perfect job is not all about the money. Instead, it’s day to day excitement and challenges that fulfill your life with a rewarding feeling.

But making a decent salary is a big factor for a lot of people. With money, you are able to afford a lifestyle you want. You are able to take a vacation at places you dreamed about since you were a little kid. Or invest in a hobby that fulfills you.

Let it be painting, golfing or street racing. Learning how to code will help you find a job you will love and still get paid a well. Coding already is one of the “hottest” skills companies are looking for. Invest in learning how to code so you can invest in yourself.

You Can Work Remotely

A lot of people imagine that working remotely is sitting on a beach, with a cocktail and a laptop, right? Well, it’s not far from the truth. There are hundreds of companies who are looking for remote workers, who know how to code, to work for them.

You don’t even need to be a coder. You can be a digital marketer, project manager or any other occupation where coding skills are a plus. Even if you don’t do coding at your job, knowing how to code is still important because it helps you communicate better with coders, understand their needs and set the right expectations.

Working remotely will give you a sense of freedom that 99% of people can only dream about. Working from amazing parts of the world can be exciting and rewarding for you.

You Will Meet Amazing People

Ever since the birth of the internet, the innovation was never growing at such a fast pace. Talking about artificial intelligence, self-driving cars or taking trips to Mars. This would never be possible without programmers and entrepreneurs who are eager to invent the future.

If you will have skills like coding, you will be able to work with amazing people that inspire you about the future. People who are excited and have a positive mindset. Work with a team of people on challenges that help future generations live better. There’s nothing more exciting than that.

You Can Do Side Projects

Do you have an idea for a side project? Knowing how to code helps you turn ideas into reality.

With understanding how tech works you will find new ideas all the time. But this time you will be able to turn them into reality. Maybe it’s only a website for your aunt’s hairdressing business or a new Android app that helps older people meet for a round of cross-puzzle marathon. The sky is the limit.

Maybe one of your side projects even picks-up and you can start your own company. This opportunity could never happen without first learning how to code.

You Will Have Fun

Learning new things will become part of your daily life. In the tech world, new and interesting stuff is rolling out every day. But a little challenge now and then is good. Learning new stuff will become exciting and fun.

Do you remember that feeling after you spend 3 hours of trying to understand something and then you suddenly figure it out? That’s what this is!

You were not put on Earth to do your 9–5 and wait for your retirement.

Like it or not, you will spend the majority of your life working. So if you are not happy with your current job, why not trying something different? I think that coding might be just the right thing to try it out.

So where should you start? Online or in-person courses?

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Within the each of us lay hidden talents that are often neglected by the formal educational system. SmartNinja's mission is to help people discover and grow their talents in the IT field. Skills that will help them find a job - or even create a new one!


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Within the each of us lay hidden talents that are often neglected by the formal educational system. SmartNinja's mission is to help people discover and grow their talents in the IT field. Skills that will help them find a job - or even create a new one!