Top 10 UK Tech YouTubers

Lyndsey Jin
Oct 25, 2019 · 9 min read

Are you looking for UK tech influencers to shoutout for your tech products to the UK market and audience? We’ve collected the top 10 UK tech YouTube influencers who are experts on tech reviews, unboxing, and news.

Why hire influencers for your business? Why you should include influencer marketing to the marketing plan? Here are some top benefits of working with influencers:

  1. Reach to your target audience. You should spend the budget on the right influencers who can bring the most results. Before contacting, check the audience demographics data of the influencers you want to collaborate with. The basic audience demographics data includes gender, geo-location, age, and interests. If it is a good match for your target audience, hooray! You can easily reach your target customers through that influencer.
  2. Grow your brand awareness in a non-pushy way. The endorsement of top influencers gives credit to your new brands or products. People will get familiar with your brand and products scrolling their social media feeds. All the exposure of your products has an impact on the purchase decision-making by customers.
  3. Drive organic traffic and contribute to your SEO. Influencers create great content that will help boost your SEO. Especially for YouTube videos, with the right title, they jump up on the top of the Google search result page of your product. You will be impressed by the organic traffic brought by these content created by influencers.
  4. The value of micro-influencers has been under-estimated. Micro-influencers are especially suitable for location-based marketing campaigns, and products in a niche topic/industry. Micro-influencers cost less budget to hire, sometimes you can even do product exchange for their content. But if you want to reach a large group of audience, you will have to get at least a couple of micro-influencers.

Let’s start with this top chart of UK influencers in the tech world, to find the right influencers for your brands or clients. They all post tech-related videos but have various topics. Some YouTubers focus on smartphone unboxing and review, while some focus on DIYs and innovations.

1. Mrwhosetheboss

Instagram post of @mrwhosetheboss “Find yourself someone who looks at you, the way I look at the first iPhone…⁣” (2019, Oct 5)

Mrwhosetheboss is a British YouTube channel created in April 2011. It is owned by Arun Maini - a tech guru and social media personality who gained popularity for his tech reviews, personal testimonials, and advice on different brands of cameras, smartphones, gaming consoles, and many other gadgets. He has also been featured on popular companies like The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and Business Insider.

Arun’s channel now has around 2.65 million subscribers as of September 2019 with 1211 uploads that have a collective view count exceeding 440.9 million and rising. Arun now has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million.

One of the most viewed videos created and published by Mrwhosetheboss is “Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram | 4K,” which has been watched over 21 million times since August of 2015. And Arun got reported in an article on Huffington Post, “How To Make A 3D Hologram With Stuff You Already Own” and The Telegraph, “How to turn your phone into a 3D hologram projector”. This video was inspired by American Hacker, another tech influencer on YouTube, about “How To Make 3D Hologram” with no glasses.

2. SuperSaf

Wearing sunglasses is SuperSaf’s signature.

SuperSaf is a British YouTube channel created in August 2011. It is owned by Safwan Ahmedmia, who is a technology reviewer and internet personality that posts technology-based videos. He started off with reviews of DSLR and mirrored cameras in his early days on YouTube before he moved on to comparing and reviewing smartphones and other gadgets. He has been posting the reviews and unboxing videos of all major mobile phone brands: iPhone, Samsung, One Plus, and Huawei.

Safwan is also one of the most regularly featured British YouTubers on the BBC Asian Network on which he gives advice regarding technology along with comparisons. His channel now has 1.38 million subscribers as of September 2019. There 800 uploads on it so far that have been viewed collectively over 160 million times and counting.

3. YouTube Bangla

YouTube Bangla is a Bangladeshi tech channel.

YouTube Bangla is a Bengali YouTube channel based in the UK which was created in December 2014. The channel posts content related to tips and tips about Android-based mobiles and gadgets. These include videos of apps with hidden options along with performance optimization tools. The channel also posts mobile unboxing and reviews of the latest Android phone releases.

YouTube Bangla now has over 1 million subscribers as of September 2019 and is among the most popular Bengali language YouTube channels in the world. There are currently 522 uploads on it that have a collective view count of 55.3 million and counting.


Instagram post @zoneoftech “Earlier this week, I went to my first IFA!” (2019, Sep 8)

ZONEofTECh is a British YouTube channel created in September 2011. The channel is owned by a YouTube named Daniel, who is a technology consultant and analyst with a degree in Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering. On his channel, Daniel posts content which includes in-depth mobile phone reviews along with upcoming features and comparisons of already existing products.

Daniel’s channel now has over 0.85 million subscribers as of September 2019. He has uploaded 885 videos on it that have been viewed collectively over 175.3 million times and counting. Daniel has an estimated net worth of $0.15 million from his channel.

Daniel’s YouTube channel has a very high video and content quality.

5. Techmoan

Techmoan is a British YouTube channel created in May 2009. It is owned by Matthew Julius Taylor, who is a tech blogger that posts consumer tech reviews and RetroTech documentaries. And Matthew intros his YouTube channel in the description as:

The UK’s most popular Tech Channel that doesn’t review smartphones.

Unlike most other tech influencers who focus on the latest mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles or other electronics, Matthew made videos on old technologies. The video he produces mainly involves taking products apart as well as going over the product’s history along with its reception at the time of its release. His work has been featured on The Daily Telegraph and Gizmodo. Currently, he makes product reviews on miscellaneous items which are mainly consumer products like cameras which are sometimes sponsored or for affiliate marketing.

Matthew’s channel now has over 864k subscribers with 408 uploads that have a collective view count exceeding 173.8 million.

6. Kai W

Instagram post @kaimanwong “Bokeh-Flex! Should I do some more film-loving videos or is film just for a load of backwards cap-wearing hipsters?” (2019, June 19)

Kai W is a British YouTube channel created in April 2013. It is owned by Kai Man Wong, who is a photographer and tech guru that posts videos mainly related to photography as well as routinely published new product reviews, parodies, challenges, and how-to guides. Kai’s channel mainly focuses on cameras due to his expertise.

The channel now has more than 0.8 million subscribers as of September 2019. Kai has uploaded 133 videos on it so far and they have been viewed collectively over 48.6 million times. The most popular video on his channel is titled 50mm f/1.1 — Bokeh Beast for $160! This video has been viewed nearly 1.7 million times since its upload in 2018.

If you are want to get some professional reviews, unboxing videos and tips about photography gears, subscribe to Kai’s channel now!

7. James Bruton

Instagram post @xrobotsuk: “This GUITAR only has barcodes.” (2019, Sep 19)

James Bruton is a self-titled YouTube channel based in the UK. James is a YouTube personality, former toy designer, electrical and mechanical engineer. On his channel, he posts DIYs and innovation based videos such as inventions and designs such as building Star Wars droids, Iron Man and Hulkbuster armor.

James’s channel now has over 0.66 million subscribers as of September, 2019. There 570 uploads on it so far and they have been viewed collectively more than 187 million times since the channel’s creation back in September, 2006. James has an estimated net worth of around $0.14 million from his channel.

James has published a series of videos on building Iron Man and Hulkbuster cosplay suits.

8. The Tech Chap

Instagram post @thetechchap “What makes the perfect laptop? 🤔” (2019, July 24)

The Tech Chap is the official YouTube channel of based in the UK. The channel is owned by Tom Honeyands, who is a tech guru that posts content related to in-depth reviews of the latest tablets, laptops, smartphones, and consumer gadgets. He also makes videos of the latest and trending technology news, comparison videos, guides and tips as well.

Tom’s channel was created in January 2015 and it currently has more than 0.61 million subscribers as of September 2019. There are 567 uploads on the channel so far and they have been viewed collectively over 137.2 million times and counting. Tom has an estimated net worth of around $0.24 million from his channel and website.

Like many other tech influencers in this top list, Tom makes many good photos and videos of the latest mobile phones, laptops and other electronics. If you are looking for unboxing videos and buying suggestions, or want to check the comparison of two mobile phones, check his videos!

9. Fullychargedshow

Here is the only car related YouTube channel in this top 10 US tech influencer list. And they claimed to be

the world’s number 1 clean energy & electric vehicle channel.

Fullychargedshow is a British YouTube channel created in April 2010. The channel is hosted by broadcaster, writer, and actor Robert Llwellyn and Jonny Smith. It is popular for posting videos related to electric cars, electric bikes, electric infrastructure, and electric aircraft. They even make videos on how they “generate and even own the electricity to power these machines.” The YouTube channel also covers a wide range of renewable energy topics including wind power, solar power, cycling infrastructure, UK energy policy, air pollution, and monitoring.

The YouTube channel now has over 0.56 million subscribers as of September, 2019. It has been uploaded with 438 videos so far that have been viewed collectively over 73.3 million times and counting.

Consider the channel to be a electric version of Top Gear.

10. ExplainingComputers

Another niche YouTube channel favored by tech geeks, a channel focusing on all things about computing, you can tell by its name: ExplainingComputers.

ExplainingComputers is a British YouTube channel created in December 2007. It is the official channel of which is owned by Christopher Barnatt, who is a former lecturer in computing and future studies at Nottingham University Business School. On his channel, he posts content related to the latest hardware and software, AI, big data, cloud and quantum computing.

Christopher’s channel currently has around 0.5 million subscribers as of September, 2019. There are 266 uploads on it that have been viewed collectively over 50.5 million times and counting.

A very good resource for anyone who is interested to learn more about how your computers work, and Christopher as a former lecturer knows how to teach!

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