Is your business struggling with Facebook marketing?

don’t limit your creativity only to your daily tasks.

Working four years as a product marketer for a non-sexy industry, I understand how challenging Facebook marketing can be the b2b sector.

For many people, Facebook is a platform for sharing family photos and barbeque videos.

Most people, see it as a domain where only consumer-facing brands popularly known as B2C can flourish. Most businesses feel like marketing for b2b on Facebook may not apply to their business.

Facebook provides access to an unparalleled potential audience.

Today, some B2B companies are already using this platform to
- establish thought leadership 
- deliver targeted messages
- create a lead generation funnel 
- collect brand loyalists through b2b campaigns on Facebook.

Discover five inspiring examples of b2b Facebook marketing campaigns and how brands can use this platform to meet their target audience.

How b2b marketers use Facebook to reach out customers

#1. Sharing thought leadership

Too many speakers and too few educators — world in 2017.

Build trust and position your company as a thought leader in the industry with the right tools, campaigns and platforms.

A good example here is Canon USA, a leader in consumer technology brand that offers digital imaging gear. They wanted to raise brand awareness and purchase intent for its cameras by reminding its target audience of the benefits of using a camera to capture special occasions, rather than sacrificing photo quality for the convenience of a smartphone.

They launched a 2-month-long “Bring It” or “Leave It” campaign on Facebook, which included boosted posts and video ads. The ad creative included funny videos of real-life situations: parents at a hospital birth scene and travelers on a trip to Australia. Captions were displayed up front and tailored to each audience, closing with a “Don’t regret it. BRING IT” message.

#2. Lead Generation

The difference stays in what makes your brand incomparable and worthy of the customers you hope to serve.

Most b2b social media managers use Facebook to generate leads through the use of lead magnets such as white papers, tools, downloadable eBooks, and other types of content.

A great example is Cisco WebEx, online meeting service which used Facebook Lead adverts to attract more viable potential customers, increasing requests for its demo products and boosting its return on advert spend by 84% in under three weeks.

#3. Bring the value proposition to life through Facebook live

Stop using long content, complex and dry. Start using Facebook live and show how your brand values apply in real-life.

“It’s easy to describe features and benefits and far harder to demonstrate what you stand for and why.” added Bernadette Jiwa on her blog these days.

A good example here is Aweber, an email marketing tool, which using Facebook Live to create walk-through demos for their product and to engage with their users.

How you engage with your audience determines how successful you are.

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