Bounty № 1: Wrap-Up

Photo edit by @Katrin_Shvets (Telegram).

AUG. 21, SINGAPORE. — Today marks the end of SoCo SNP’s exhilarating 20-day Bounty Campaign, where over 43,000 Telegram members, 6,000+ Twitter followers, and 7K+ Reddit subscribers from all corners of the globe came together and supported the blockchain-based project. Users flocked to social media to express their approval of the project’s ideas, praise for the professional development team, and admiration for its prestigous investors.

Many users also contributed SoCo-related GIFs, videos, and photo edits, eager to illustrate their faith in SoCo’s influence and showcase their graphic design talents for generous rewards. The following is a collection of SoCo SNP content designed by the SoCo Telegram community, which some even called the “SoCo family”.

Photo edit by @BackToTheEarth (Telegram).
Photo edits by @homercrypto32 (Telegram).
Photo edits by @criptomirk (Telegram).
Photo edit by @Arunmehra0786 (Telegram).
Photo edit by @Tatar2626 (Telegram).

Additionally, three very kindhearted SoCo users stepped up to show their dedication by offering to lead three new international groups: SoCo Japan, SoCo Russia and SoCo Indonesia. The regional communities were additions to SoCo’s worldwide family, which already included SoCo Turkey, SoCo Vietnam, SoCo Italy, and SoCo France, Telegram groups established during the first half of the Bounty.

SoCo SNP is still looking for someone to lead a much-needed community, SoCo Korea.

The SoCo SNP team was so encouraged by the success of the campaign, they already announced plans for a second bounty. Stay tuned and follow SoCo SNP on social media for updates.

About SoCo: “SoCo and SNP is a blockchain-based project aimed at decentralizing the social networking ecosystem. SoCo, the official token currency, is what users will use to evaluate and monetize their social assets. Social assets are the valuable online data a user possesses, which include personal profile attributes (name, hobbies, status), social relationships (friends, followers), and social behaviors (likes, posts, sharing). Users and apps alike are able to use SoCo to conduct transactions, allowing apps to incentivize users to invite friends and engage in the app’s activities while rewarding users for their social assets. This promotes a healthier, more trusting relationship between apps and users. SNP is an open and extensible layer protocol that allows apps to have social capabilities, as well as provides users with a secure wallet of social assets, accessible by the user’s private key only. Ultimately, SoCo SNP plans on returning the ownership of social assets back to users and deconstructing today’ social networking structure in order to provide the world a more transparent, interconnected and innovative online experience.”


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