Saving Movies to My List

Sofa has great Discovery and Search, but we also give you the ability to save movies to watch later. Over time, your list will grow. When you sit down to watch a movie, My List will become a great resource for finding something to watch.

Saving Movies

We make it as easy and fast to add movies to your list. First, we have really fast search, so you can find any movie. Second, there is a big Add to List button on every movie page. You can add movies that will be coming out soon or old favorites that you want to re-watch.

Movie page in Sofa

Here are a few situations where you could easily save a movie to your list:

  • A friend recently saw a movie and tells you how great it was.
  • You see a trailer while browsing on YouTube or watching TV.
  • You see an ad while waiting for the bus or train.
  • Co-workers are talking about a movie over lunch.

In all of these situations, you can add a movie within seconds.

Display Options

The default viewing option for My List is a 2x2 grid. If you have a lot of movies in your list, or you want to see more of them at once, there is an option for a 3x3 grid. Simply pinch your list with two fingers and…voila!

3x3 grid in My List. Pinch with 2 fingers to activate.

We think My List is going to be a great addition to your movie watching toolkit. There is always a movie that you want to see, old or new. Now, you have the ability to remember it.

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