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Space Decentral is a decentralized autonomous space agency that leverages blockchain technology to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with global citizens in control.
Note from the editor

Most of us dream of a future where Earth is a better place and where we have traveled outside our solar system. We are launching a decentralized space agency where we can work on these shared dreams together. www.space.coop

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Yalda Mousavinia
Figuring out ways to increase the chances of @SpaceDecentral surviving beyond 2100. The new world we're building needs a new space agency. In it for life.
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Giulio Prisco
Writer, futurist, sometime philosopher.
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Space Decentral
Space Decentral will propel the vision of a spacefaring civilization into action by crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, & implementing citizen-driven space initiatives
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Space Cooperative
Space Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative focused on expansion, crewed global team of engineers, architects, futurists, artists, and software developers.
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Anita Kirkovska
Hedonist. Practical learner. NASA Datanaut👩‍🚀 Adeva Growth Hacker🦄 Space Apps Silicon Valley Co-Lead🚀
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Suzi Bianco
I’m a space architect, excited for what’s to come!
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Brayden DeVito
I’m in Space manufacturing, and ready for the future!
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