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6 min readJun 15, 2024

Captains, Space Nation is launching the Space Trek event on Logistikos today. By completing quests in Logistikos, Space Nation: Orion, and Closed Beta 2.0, you’ll have the chance to earn generous rewards. These rewards include 1 million OIK, Closed Beta 2.0 access code, and fuel. Let’s get started and explore this exciting event.

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Event #1: Coin Collection

Event Time

The event begins on June 15th. The notification of the end time will be provided at least one week before Coin Collection event ends.

How to participate

Step 1: Prepare your Passport wallet and connect it to your Space Nation account. (Available)

Step 2: Complete quests in Space Trek to collect Coin Coffers. (Available)

Step 3: Open Coin Coffers to obtain and mint Space Trek Coins. (Available)

Step 4: Collect or exchange Coins to form a specific combination, then fuse them for prizes. (Available)

Coin Coffer

Coin Coffer is a storage box for Space Trek Coins. You can obtain Coin Coffers by completing the following quests:

  • Connect your Passport to receive 3 Coin Coffers daily.
  • In Space Nation: Orion, you can earn 1 Coin Coffer by completing missions that offer Coin Coffers as rewards. You can also receive up to 2 Coin Coffers daily by participating in exploration events. Learn more about Space Nation: Orion
  • Complete Space Trek Quests.
  • For each Alpha Gate you own, you can receive 2 Coin Coffers daily, up to a maximum of 8 per day.
  • For each Prime Navigator you own, you can receive 1 Coin Coffer daily, up to a maximum of 10 per day.
  • Stay updated with activities on Space Nation social media and community for a chance to obtain additional Coin Coffers.

You can claim your Coin Coffer on the Space Trek event page , and later open it to get Space Trek Coins.

Claiming Coin Coffers will be available starting June 15th, and claiming Space Trek Coins will be available starting June 22nd.

Space Trek Coin

Space Trek Coin is an ERC1155 token deployed on Immutable zkEVM. Once the Coin Coffer is open, you have the option to mint the Space Trek Coin. Additionally, you can buy or sell Coins on the Sphere or OKX Marketplace. If you collect a specific combination of Space Trek Coins, you can redeem them for prizes corresponding to that combination, such as OIK, Closed Beta 2.0 access code, and fuel.

Process for getting prizes

Step 1: Open your Coin Coffer to see which type of Space Nation Coin you’ve received.

Step 2: Mint the Space Nation Coin on Immutable zkEVM.

Step 3: Collect a specific combination of Space Nation Coins and combine them to getting prizes.

Acquiring Space Trek Coins

Open your Coin Coffer to receive 1~3 Space Trek Coins. After obtaining the coins, you need to mint them into NFTs on Immutable zkEVM, transforming them into Coins on the chain. Then, you can choose to sell them in the Marketplace, share with your friends, or collect a specific combination, and finally redeem them for prizes through dedicated combination.

Space Trek Coins come in many types. Collecting different kinds of Coins can be redeemed for rewards through combination.

Coin Traits

Each coin has three traits: shape, color, and letter. With these three traits, there are a total of 45 different coins. For example, a Square Red S Coin, and a Circle Blue P Coin.

  • Shape: square, hexagon, circle
  • Color: red, aqua green, blue
  • Letter: S, P, A, C, E

After you collect Coins in different combinations, you can redeem them for a prize that corresponds to that specific combination.

Coin Combinations

  • Collect one coin each with the letters S, P, A, C, E to form 10 OIK. Each account can redeem a maximum of 5 times.
  • Collect one coin each of red, aqua green, and blue colors to form a Closed Beta 2.0 Code. Each account can redeem a maximum of 3 times. You can choose to use it yourself during Closed Beta 2.0 or give away it to a friend.
  • Collect three coins of the same shape to form 30,000 fuel. Each account can redeem up to 50 times. Fuel can only be used in Closed Beta 2.0. As it is not purchased fuel, there is no return in Soft Launch.


The combination process will burn the specific combination of Coin NFTs to earn the aforementioned specific prizes.

Note: Your account must meet the following conditions to be able to combine and redeem.

  • Connect wallet address to Space Nation account
  • Connect Immutable Passport to Space Nation account
  • Connect your X account to Space Nation account
  • Connect your Discord account to Space Nation account
  • Have in your wallet over $100 worth of ETH, USDT, or USDC on Ethereum

Redemption Time

The opportunity to redeem different combinations will become sequentially available:

  • Starting from June 22, the redemption of OIK is available.
  • Starting from June 28, the redemption of Fuel is available.
  • One week after the launch of Closed Beta 2.0, the redemption of Closed Beta II Code becomes available.

Event #2: IMX Hunting

Space Nation Online is supported by Immutable zkEVM. Immutable zkEVM is a high-performance chain. With the development of Space Nation, we are deploying more and more protocols on Immutable zkEVM. To support players to quickly start interacting on Immutable zkEVM, we have prepared the native token of this chain for you, IMX, which is used as the gas fee. Complete the IMX Hunting quests to get IMX!

We have prepared two types of quests for you, “Ready to Space Nation” and “The Immutables”. “Ready to Space Nation” will start on June 22nd. “The Immutables” will start together with Closed Beta 2.0.

More details are to be announced.

Connect to Passport

Immutable Passport is a non-custodial wallet and authentication solution. It enhances user onboarding through passwordless sign-on and automatic wallet creation. The Passport is a crucial part of the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem, offering an outstanding user experience when interacting with protocols.

Space Nation has now integrated Passport. You can connect your Space Nation account with Passport.

Connecting Passport

To connect your Passport, please log into your Space Nation account and navigate to Profile-Account Connections. If you don’t have a Space Nation account, you can create one directly through Passport.

Gas Fee Free

Currently, interacting with protocols on Immutable zkEVM using Passport does not incur gas fees. We encourage you to interact with Space Nation’s Smart Contract using Passport to save on these costs.

Passport and Space Trek

Participation in Space Trek requires a Passport wallet. To claim the Coin Coffer, mint Space Trek Coin, and redeem rewards, you need to interact with the protocol using Passport.

Essential Information about Passport

Create Passport

Passport FAQ

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