July 1 2022, Ecosystem Updates for SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet

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  • We are working on implementing an integrated plan for the SORA ecosystem, to make it easier to understand the current state of development

The SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet projects are all closely related as they form integral parts of the SORA ecosystem. That is why ecosystem updates are released every two weeks for these three projects, in one convenient place, with updates from across the community.

If you missed the previous ones: June 15 /June 1 / May 18 / May 4 / April 20 / April 6 / March 23 / March 9 / Februrary 23 / February 9 / January 26 / January 12 / December 29 / December 15 / December 1 / November 17 / November 3 / October 20 / October 6 / September 22 / September 9 / older updates are archived here

Welcome to the July 1st Ecosystem Updates!

As mentioned in previous updates, we are working toward implementing an integrated plan for the SORA ecosystem. The integrated plan should make it easier to understand the current state of development across the different technology tracks and how they are related.

SORA Ecosystem Integrated Plan

There is always a lot going on in the SORA ecosystem, so understanding how everything fits together can be confusing at times. To make understanding easier, we prepared an integrated plan. More than just a roadmap, an integrated plan separates discrete technology tracks and integrates them into a common goal.

SORA Integrated Plan [https://sora.org/pub/sora_integrated_plan_v3_public.png]

The SORA integrated plan is separated into: business, backend, web, and mobile/other tracks. Business covers things related to collaborations, partnerships, and key features. Backend covers technology related to the SORA network. Web covers technology related to the IPFS-hosted web interface on Polkaswap.io. Mobile/other considers other interfaces, like the mobile apps.

The integrated plan contains various secrets that will be unlocked when the time comes.

The integrated plan will be a key part of future ecosystem updates and progress in executing the plan will be highlighted in the future ecosystem updates.

SORA Ecosystem Update #42

It is important to take the time to thank the community for their interest in the development of the SORA network. We are working hard to open channels of communication so that you are aware of the ongoing initiatives and projects. One of the SORA ecosystem contributors, Dr. Makoto Takemiya has also begun to provide daily status updates in the hopes that you can rest easy knowing that progress is made everyday.

We recently launched the SORA for Sri Lanka website, which hosts an open letter that was sent to all Sri Lankans and published in Sinhala, Tamil, and English in major newspapers. As the economy for many worlds, the best place to begin would be Planet Earth and the best time to begin is now, as once major economies have been crippled by greed and the desire to accumulate funds, instead of making them work to improve societies. If you are interested in the ongoing dialogue around the open letter to the people of Sri Lanka, join the dedicated Telegram community.

While on the subject of websites, the main SORA website at https://sora.org was also given some love by enthusiastic community members, with more to come.

In other news, William from the SORA team is in Buenos Aires for the Polkadot Decoded and Kaos in BA events. If you are in Buenos Aires, you’re welcome to attend the event, where William will talk about SORA, Polkaswap and Fearless Wallet in Spanish, ahí nos vemos!

Here is a breakdown of the latest developments:

📱 SORA wallet updates:

🚀 Android 2.5.0 — Multi-accounts & Referral System is almost ready for publishing on Soralution!

You’ll be able to test:

  • Multi-accounts
  • Referral system
  • Exporting your wallet(s)
  • Restoring your account from the raw seed
  • 6-digit length PIN code

🍏 iOS 2.4.0 — Polkaswap Swap is being polished before publication on Soralution (Testflight)

  • Chasing small bugs hiding in iOS 2.3.0 — Polkaswap Swaps
  • iOS 2.4.0 — Polkaswap Pools will include some features initially planned for 2.5.0 as a bonus!
  • Multi-accounts
  • Restore account from raw seed
  • 6-digit length PIN code

👨‍💻 Work in Progress:

  • Working to increase the number of languages supported by the app!
  • You can help us by translating and reporting translation issues on Lokalise (you can even get rewarded for it) join the SORA Translation Community chat on Telegram to sign up!

Finishing work on version 2.5.0 — Multi-accounts & Referral System on both platforms, which includes:

  • Multi-accounts
  • Referral system
  • Export your wallet(s)
  • Restore your account from the raw seed
  • 6-digit length PIN code

👷🏽‍♀️ SORA Builders Programme updates:

Announcement regarding new SORA Builders projects

Thank you to all the teams who have signed up to join the SORA Builders Programme. Every application is being looked into individually, so there has been no news yet.

As soon as the next participants have been chosen, there will be an announcement in the SORA Builders Telegram group. Sorry for the inconvenience caused 🙇🏻‍♂️

🐈‍⬛ SORA Request for Proposal updates:

The RFP submitted should be in markdown (.md) format moving on, effectively replacing plain text RFP submissions.

🆕 The RFP process is undergoing improvements to its implementation, please look forward to more updates regarding the new proposal development flow.

Join the Decentralized Development channel on the SORA World Discord.

∙ 📰 A summary of the current ongoing proposals has been published

∙ 📈 XSTUSD on Curve RFP is under development

∙ 📡 SORA Oracle Proposal is under development

∙ 🔖 Create XOR Legal Opinion is under development

∙ 🧾 Create Exchange Listing Activities is under development

∙ 🟦 Add Subsquare Integration has been proposed

∙ 🆕 Hire External Marketing and Growth Team has been proposed

∙ 🧹 Proposal organization and housekeeping #42 & #44 were merged to provide repository order.

Thank you for making it all the way here. Your interest is much appreciated! If you are a passionate community member who evangelizes SORA and its supranational cryptoeconomic values to anyone willing to lend an ear, we are looking for you!

Join the SORA Ambassador Program and help us grow, moderate, educate, inspire and encourage the existing community, while reaching out to others. We are open to ambassadors who speak any language, but ideally, a basic level of English is required to communicate with other ambassadors (unless you bring an interpreter).

If you are interested in joining, reach out to an admin, and stay tuned for more updates.


Polkaswap Ecosystem Update #44

🪲 The 1.9.1 patch for Polkaswap.io was released including minor improvements for Demeter farming platform integration and the rewards page

💪 We are working on preparing the release 1.10.0 which will be mostly focused on:

✨ Substrate v4 migration

📈 Charts (linear, candlestick)

✨ Token page improvements

🖥 Improvements to the extension switching flow

✨ Referral link format updates (in terms of security; backward compatibility will be supported)

Polkaswap Bug Bounty
The bug bounty is right around the corner! Please stay tuned for more updates!


Fearless Wallet Ecosystem Update #48

Features Include: UI/UX Revamp, NFTs, Democracy, XCM Teleports, Staking Pools, dApp Signer

READ MORE: Fearless Wallet Embarks on a New Round of Development With an Approved Kusama Treasury Proposal

🍎 iOS version

💪 v2.0.11 with Staking bug fixes was released on June 16th

A couple of new iOS builds are currently undergoing testing.

Moonbeam collator staking implementation; ETA is July, 7th

Support for extra tokens on Karura, Acala, and Bifrost; ETA is July 1st

New functions coming soon include:
Equilibrium parachain and asset support

🤖 Android version

🦾 Current activities of the Android team:

Testing and final polishing of the latest version; ETA is July, 7th

Moonbeam collator staking implementation

✨ Various UI and architectural optimizations and improvements

New functions coming soon include:
Equilibrium parachain and asset support


🖥 Design and Engineering team activities

✨ Staking with Nomination Pools: UI/UX draft and technical documentation preparation

✨ UI concept and technical documentation for Democracy integration

✨ Technical documentation for NFT and Collections integration

✨ UI/UX draft for anti-scam analytics and warnings while users are making transfers

🚀 Collaborations and future initiatives

🤝 Kusama treasury → Approved our Polkassembly on-chain submission for the next phase of Fearless Wallet development!🎆

🤝 ICE network team → Technical Q&A about supporting their upcoming crowdloan

🤝 SubQuery team → Technical Q&A regarding Moonbeam and Moonriver projects to support staking data

🤝 Moonbeam team → Fearless Wallet project has been added to the list of Moonbeam community projects

🤝 Parity team → Discussion about applying for the “Substrate builders program”

#StayFearless 𒉡𒉎𒋼

About SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet

SORA is a new economic system aimed at creating a supranational multiverse economic system with built-in tools for decentralized finance (DeFi). The SORA network implements a new way of parachain architecture on Polkadot and Kusama network, with the capability to bridge external blockchains (like Ethereum) to the Polkadot ecosystem.

One of the DeFi applications that will run on the SORA network is Polkaswap, a noncustodial liquidity aggregating, cross-chain AMM DEX designed uniquely for the Polkadot ecosystem with boundless liquidity through its one-of-a-kind Aggregate Liquidity Technology (ALT).

Fearless Wallet is a bespoke mobile wallet designed for the decentralized future on the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, with native support for iOS and Android platforms. A premium user experience, fast performance, and secure storage for your accounts. Fearless Wallet will integrate Polkaswap for easy, decentralized swaps of assets.

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