Dance Like An Alien Trend Is Causing A Storm On YouTube

The latest trend to hit the social media platform is the ‘only an alien can dance like this challenge’.

Coming over from the challenge is for people to copy the dance moves of an animated alien.

The trend which started last week has gained insane amounts of popularity on, a social media platform where people can video themselves dancing and lip syncing to songs, and now on YouTube where videos of the best entries have been compiled.

For example, this compilation from the channel Being Viral has more than 1.2M views already.

As can be seen, often the people carrying out the dance are dressed in green to mimic the alien.

The song in the background is Dame Tu Cosita by El Chombo and the trend is also known as the Dame Tu Cosita Challenge.

The trend began to spark interest with YouTube audiences at the beginning of the month and since then search interest in the trend has skyrocketed.

Google Trends: YouTube search interest over the past 12 months

The graph of the last 12 months shows the trend sprung from nowhere and is now steeply on the rise.

Looking at the past 30 days the sudden gain in search popularity on YouTube does not look like it’s slowing down for the next weeks.

Google Trends: YouTube search interest over the past 30 days

It further seems to have captured attention globally, with the highest volume of searches over the last 30 days occurring in Malaysia.

Google Trends: YouTube search interest over the past 30 days broken down by region

This was followed by the Philippines, the Netherlands, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Related searches include ‘alien dance musically’, ‘green alien dance challenge’, ‘alien dance challenge’ and ‘the green alien dance’.

The popularity of this trend, spreading from one social media platform to another, shows going viral these days requires cross functionality of content.

It is similar to a trend in the New Year called the ‘karma is a bitch challenge’ where people made short videos of themselves looking like they were going out to a party lip syncing the phrase “karma is a bitch” which started on a Chinese social media platform and quickly jumped to YouTube. More on that trend here.

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