Spotcoin Weekly Roundup Sept. 30

NEO Black Sea Assembly success; Hackathon nears completion

Sep 30, 2018 · 5 min read

It’s finally here! On September 28th, the NEO Black Sea Community came together for the Hackathon and Assembly. It was a culmination of hard work and communal dedication to finding a way to make digital currencies work for everyone. Let’s dive into the events and adventures Spotcoin had this week.

The Hackathon

As we send out this message, the Black Sea Community Hackathon is still in action, nearly 36 hours after it started. Developers are searching for solutions to Georgian government problems, and having a blast doing it. The NEO Black Sea Community invited top developers in the region to tackle issues affecting the Georgian people, by looking for ways to improve government services with smart contracts. Another big thanks to NEO for providing mentors for the event, as well as a prize worth five-thousand dollars in digital currency GAS.

And a big thanks to Georgia Today for featuring our own CSO Sean Mulcahey in an article about blockchain potential for the Georgian government and the future of the technology. The hackathon concludes at 18:00 on September 30th, with an award ceremony. Stay tuned next week as we bring you highlights from the event and the novel solutions for our amazing Hackathon teams.

The Assembly

While teams hack away, industry experts, academics, businesses and policymakers met for the first ever NEO Black Sea Blockchain Assembly. On September 28, scores of key leaders, developers, business owners, and blockchain enthusiasts gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia for the Assembly. Johnson Zhao, General Manager of NEO Global Development spoke at the event and summed up the communal goal when he said, “Developers: Let’s build it. Let’s build something together.”

“Together” is key. The one-day event was organized by the NEO Black Sea Community, Spotcoin, and Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency. It brought together NEO-based projects from around the world, NEO Leadership, and Georgian government officials to explore opportunities and develop blockchain technology infrastructure for the smart economy. Topics ranged across the gamut, exploring how to use using digital assets to create economic opportunity, future regulations, and the use of Initial Coin Offerings to grow organizations.

Many thanks to NEO, our fellow NEO-based companies, the Georgian government, developers, and participants for creating a lively, dynamic event focused on collaboration. And a thanks to Blockchain News Georgia and NEO News Today for taking the time to highlight the event. Together, we continue to find ways to make digital currencies work for everyone.

The TbilisiMarathon

Spotcoin is proud to take part in the TbilisiMarathon, happening this morning in Georgia’s capital. Spotcoin teammates and NEO Black Sea Community members are out there running in several different distance events today. Make sure to stop by the NEO Black Sea tent to grab a cookie and something to drink, and to say “hello” to all of us.

Poland-Georgia Technology Summit

This week, it wasn’t just about the Black Sea Blockchain Assembly. Andrew Thornhill, Spotcoin’s co-founder participated in the Poland-Georgia Technology Summit in Tbilisi this week. The two-day summit focused on how the two countries can cooperate in technological innovation, connecting Georgian startups and Polish investors. Thornhill participated in an exciting panel about how blockchain can be used in the public and private sectors, a perfect precursor to our Assembly.

The Guardium Airdrop

After a whirlwind two days, the Guardium Airdrop closed as a success. Thank you to everyone who participated, as we dropped plenty of free SPOT to Guardium token holders. It was the perfect way to celebrate the announcement that GUARD tokens will be listed in the Spotcoin exchange. Keep an eye out for more ways to get SPOT. We always have surprises up our sleeves.

An ICO Reminder

What’s the next big event for Spotcoin? It’s the ICO. The Whitelist opens on October 8th, and you will want to ensure you are ready for the ICO launch on October 22, 2018. Are you ready?

Have a great weekend,

The Spotcoin Team.

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SpotCoin makes digital currencies work for everyone through quick, simple trading. Digital exchange coming soon. ICO closed successfully on Oct. 27. Talk to us in Telegram at: · Register at:


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Spotcoin makes digital currencies work for everyone through quick, simple trading. Digital exchange set to open in beta in Dec. 2018.



SpotCoin makes digital currencies work for everyone through quick, simple trading. Digital exchange coming soon. ICO closed successfully on Oct. 27. Talk to us in Telegram at: · Register at: