XSN Core Update | Sept 05 2020

Stakenet Team
Sep 5 · 2 min read
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Wallet update — V4.0.4

As we are preparing for V4.0.4, along with bug fixes and optimizations there will also be an introduction of a new swap tab (see image). This is to target DEX users who want a simple UI to click “exchange” and not interact with off chain rentals, channels, etc. This will be important to help on board those not familiar with using layer 2, and an easy frictionless introduction to the benefits of off chain payment channels.

When swapping, the user will always receive the coins on layer 2 , they will however be able to start (if they want) on layer 1 with all assets. Worst case is there would be ~20–30 min wait time (when BTC is involved) for swap completion as we prepare channels, rentals and manage DEX orders in the background. For users who already have funds on layer 2, executing these swaps and trades will be instant and near fee less.

ETH integration

We are in the final phases of adding ETH private key support into the wallet. Look for this to come in V4.0.5 or V4.0.6.

This is important as it will not only allow for storage, sending, and receiving of ETH and its tokens but also allow us in following updates to begin pushing special Raiden deployments to initiate a public test phase of layer 2 with ETH.

HW Support

As we are now in process of adding dependencies for the HW, we have begun development on Trezor and once in place will deploy and integrate other popular HW such as Ledger.

This will allow users to begin securing and managing their funds with our wallet safely and securely. After our planned network upgrades, it will also allow XSN cold staking & storing MN collateral using our light wallet.

Let us know any other major or key feature requests or general feedback in our Discord channels. Those who want to test and try the wallet can access in on this link

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