Introducing Staker

Jan 26 · 4 min read

Earn your Future 🌱

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“The successful among us delay gratification. The successful among us bargain with the future.” Jordan B. Peterson

Tomorrow’s Dreams 💭

We all have dreams and aspirations for our future. Some want to secure an education for their children, others want to purchase an old cottage in the countryside, and for the less fortunate they would simply love to escape the cycle of debt they put themselves into. Realizing any of these desires often comes at a cost, a sacrifice made in the short-term to enjoy better prospects tomorrow. Delaying gratification is key to earning your future.

However, 74% of Americans say that they save less than 10% for retirement and other financial goals because not incentivized to do so:

  1. Instead, they’re pushed to consume and satisfy their immediate needs

What if you could be exposed to the newest blockchain-based financial technology and start building wealth for you and your family?

Staker is here to help you earn your future!

Earn with Staker 💰

We believe that banks are failing in their mission and Staker can offer you a much better alternative thanks to digital smart contracts.

With Staker, you just get much more!

How do we achieve that? We leverage one of best the financial protocols available on the blockchain, it’s called HEX, the fastest appreciating cryptocurrency in 2020. Some users even earned more than 40% interest on top of the price appreciation.

Users are rewarded for locking up their funds. The longer you lock them a.k.a staking, the higher your interest. However, you could be penalized on your principal if you were to break your staking commitment.

As of January 2021, 30k users are staking $500M for a weighted average of 5 year. This is a record in the crypto industry and those metrics keep on growing fast!

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.” Albert Einstein

Learn more about HEX

Easy Path to Staking 🏆

Our goal is to make it as smooth as possible for anyone to access the best financial opportunities. With Staker you’ll be able to go from your national currency to staking in minutes by:

  • Setting up a secure smart wallet designed by

Read more about Staker features and security.

Track your investment, how do you rank compared to other investors and stake up your game.

Referral Program — Earn even more 💸

Referral Program

Staker offers a highly competitive referral program to reward users for onboarding new people to the platform:

Referrers will be able to claim 20% of the revenue they contributed to generate.


$1000 Start Stake — $2 flat fee + 2% staking fee = $22 Staker Fee

Of the $22 in Staker fees, the referrer earns 20% ($4.40). If there is no referrer set, then the entire $22 of fees will go to Staker.

Fee breakdown

For all transactions, Staker will take a $2 flat fee + 2%. The Staker fee is capped for each transaction type:

  • Transfer (Send) — $10


$50,000 Start Stake — $2 flat fee + 2% staking fee = $1,002 fee reduced to $200 as a result of exceeding the stake fee cap.

This is the first iteration of our business model and the above fees are subject to change.

What’s Next? 👀

Staker 1.0 is just the beginning. The team has a very ambitious roadmap for 2021. Here are the few themes we will be focusing on:

  • Web app


Earn Your Future

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