5 Best of January

Our all star starting five

  1. B&O Beo H6 Headphones
  2. 20th Century Women
  3. Marie Claire Beauty Image Maker Awards
  4. Apple News
  5. Nike Training

B&O Beo H6 Headphones

This year’s company gift to employees was the B&O Beo H6 Headphones. Every headphone maker in the world should thank the inventor of the open office plan. That whole ‘build a wall, we’ll tear it down’ chant only applies to borders, not creative offices. These headphones are comfy, sturdy, and the speaker is big enough to cover your whole ear — the entire office is raving.

20th Century Women

The best graphic design exists at the intersection of mathematics and liberal arts, where perfect order meets innovative creativity. Michael Mills is a former graphic designer and he approaches his films with the same eye. His latest, “20th Century Women,” features a collection of Santa Barbara based characters experiencing the trials, culture wars, aging, and heartache during the 1970s. It’s very hard to make a movie that’s about “everything,” but this film handles so much with such ease and uplift. It’s the optimistic version of “The Ice Storm” we never knew we needed.

Marie Claire Beauty Image Maker Awards

In early January, we were able attend the Image Maker Awards — so nice to see Marie Claire honoring the contributions of the stars behind the stars of the red carpet. Makeup Artists, Stylists, Hair Stylists, and Fashion Designers were honored, with the highlight of the night coming from Cindy Crawford presenting 31 year old Artistic Director Olivier Rousteing with the Icon Designer Award.

Apple News

Honestly, I could do with less notifications in my life. We all could. Especially when it feels like any news alert could mean that we just invaded Italy and pizza is now illegal. However, at a time when Apple seems to have a lack of exceptional innovations (except for Keynote, luv u bae), the latest update of Apple News is a total success. Customized to my liking and aggregating from the publications I already love, I’ve never felt more informed, inside and out of my bubble.

Nike Training App

If you’ve ever been at the gym and not sure what to do next in your workout, you’ve probably thought about hiring a personal trainer. Here in Los Angeles, most personal trainers bill at the same hourly rate as a senior creative director — meaning your time together is limited. Its a zero sum game, like working out then drinking a beer to cool down. We tried 3 fitness apps this month, and Nike Training was far above the rest.

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